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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ismoke13, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. whats up guys,

    i was talking to my friend who said over the weekend he hit a steamroller and he said it got him super fuckin' high.. so my question is: do steam rollers get you super fucked up? or was it possibly just a nice steamroller? anything about steamrollers i'm basically asking, any help on your end is appreciated..
    stay toasty bro..
  2. If you smoke/eat/vape it, it will get you high.

    If you smoke/eat/vape it enough, it will get you "fucked up".
  3. shit yea steamrollers do so much work. i hit some quality blue dream out of a zig zag steamroller and was fucked up. hits are pretty damn harsh though.
  4. I describe them as a bong with no end. I enjoy smoking out of them they can be harsh sometimes though. A friend of mine one that was 13 inches long, rasta colored. It was the shit, got me super blowed. No more than the amount would from a bong though. A friend of mine recently got a really really nice one with a dragon on the inside of it. The bowl is near the top of his head and when you hit it, the head of the dragon milks up, when you take your hit it all comes out of his nose and mouth, its the most bad ass piece ever. I like steamrollers a lot, they can be harsh (in my experience) but I've seen some recently that have a water filtration system.
  5. i could imagine they hit hard a zig zag steamroller?

    and you smoke/eat/vape? you cant vape a steamroller
  6. You can't eat a steamroller either. ;)
  7. He was saying if you smoke/eat/vape weed, it will get you high.

  8. My point is that if you smoke marijuana, you will get high. If you smoke enough marijuana, you will get "fucked up".

    It's really stupid to ask "will smoking xyz fuck me up?"

    And yes, you can vape a steamroller.
  9. how sounds like two different ways to smoke like vaping a bong
  10. Use a device capable of vaporization (325-350F) to heat the marijuana.
  11. they have bong attachments for vaporizers. It is actually pretty common to put the weed vapor through a bong.

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