steamroller recommendation?

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  1. hey all right now i only have a pipe which is great but i really want a steamroller. only smoked from one once but it was pretty sweet so i would like one to smoke from every now and then. can sombody tell me a good brand of steamroller?
  2. I'd help you but im not all that familiar with steam rollers.
  3. If you're looking for a big tube, I think local-blown will be your best bet. A lot of brands also make the smaller pipe-sized ones that you can get online. If that's what you're looking for, I'd go with a roor or ehle.
  4. ROOR? sorry i too am not very familiar with steamrollers. Try and get something with a big chamber so its smoother
  5. Honestly, steam rollers aren't good altogether. They are suuuuuper harsh. I would recommend just going all the way and getting a bong.

    If you do really want one then I would suggest getting a roor steam roller. They are around a $100.
  6. oh tye arent? when i smoked one it was kinda big it seemed alright i got pretty blazed lol and im tryin to make a big glass collection. mabye ill get a bong instead im really not sure yet. idk if i can handle a bong right now i havent smoked in a few months due to legal problems lol so i would probably choke to much on a bong right now
  7. Well, in terms of choking, a steamroller is a lot more harsh, plus, you can always take smaller hits out of almost anything, especially a bong(something with a slide)
  8. I have a black label roor steamroller and love it. Yes it is indeed harsh but it sure does go around when you got alot of heads in the room:smoking:

    I only paid $75 for mine at the headshop
  9. i know all o fthe big bong brands usually have a steamroller on the market.. but local would probably be your best bet..but i have seen the RooR steamrollers on EDIT and they are very affordable... so you can always check those out
  10. dont really know the brands but i have a sick one with a dragon in the middle and the smoke comes out its mouth. Its sick but they are burn the shit out of my throat so i stick with the wet pieces =]
  11. I got a roor steamroller a few months ago for 140 with a nice blue dot ashcatcher....
    definitely worth the money hits real good

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