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    Ive never actually owned a pipe. Always enjoyed smoking zoots and blunts but recently its been costing me a bomb, im curious if a pipe would be more beneficial for me? on average i smoke 4 joints a day, about .5 in each maybe more

    I've been told that .3 in a pipe can be the equivalent to like .5 worth of a joint...
    obviously i wanna conserve my bud so it sounds good to me but can someone explain, obviously your losing a bit from a J cuz of the constant burning

    Glass, plastic or wood? I assume glass is best but what are the cons/pros of each?
    Bubbler/Chillums/Steamroller - difference? bubblers look strange, chillum looks like a tube which i assume you can smoke hash with
    I had a steamroller in the past which i got free with a salvia kit lol however i never smoked bud out of it. what are they like?

    im looking for a pipe under £20, nothing special just a standard pipe, if anyone has any recommendations please share =)

    i found this: are steamrollers good? would you recommend them or a different type of pipe?

    all i want is an easy to carry, clean and use pipe for a good price, i was considering the mini incredibowl but for the time being i just a want a small piece :smoke:

    edit: fucking link wont work, its basically a mini roor steamroller, 10 cm in length
  2. alright, i'm high and here to help...

    First, if you're wanting an easy to carry and clean pipe i wouldn't get a steamroller.

    Steamrollers are almost always glass and if it's under 10inches it's going to be harsh and not enjoyable to smoke, ALSO if it's under 10inches then it will probably be very easily breakable. Anything over 10 inches isn't going to be easy to carry or a good price.

    A glass spoon pipe is probably the most common and most basic pipe. it's great for on the go and you can find tons of different styles and prices.

    A bubbler is similar to a spoon but you put water in the pipe to filter the smoke. Might be a tad easier to smoke but usually more fragile and difficult to carry.

    Chillums are very basic, usually one-hitters, and in my opinion easily breakable.

    I've got two recommendations for you...
    -look around for a glass spoon pipe, they're everywhere so you shouldn't have a problem finding them

    Glass Spoon Pipes -

    -OR get a proto pipe. That was my first pipe and it sounds exactly like what you're looking for. It has a deep bowl, a built in screen you can pop out and clean easily, a stash area to store a G while on the go, and a pick to clean it all built in. However it is made of brass. some people believe it's bad to smoke out of medal, others do not. the proto pipe has been around since the 60's so i don't have any worries.
  3. I have a steam roller and they get harsh as fuck. You will most likely hate smoking weed after that. Your lungs will cry if youre willing to smoke 0.5.Make a plastic bottle bong, since the smoke will be way more smoother. I got my bong for about 16 euros, its about 30 CM heigh. But really take 5 minutes and make this little plastic bong, heres a tutorial:
    [ame=]How to Make a Water Bong - YouTube[/ame]
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    thanks man, i figured the steamroller might be quite harsh, now i know a few different kinds im gunna look online, i'l post back if i find a pipe to my liking

    I saw a proto pipe earlier actually, looks pretty cool, the fact that theres a bowl cover is sick as you can cover the bud upon lighting it so minimal smoke can escape, thus getting the most out of your bud, its £30 but i may have get it, the reviews make it sound great as well

    edit: does a protopipe need a gauze? if so, what size? probably a stupid question but better to be safe than sorry
  5. thanks for your input man, ive been making bongs out of plastic bottles for years haha i think i need to invest in an actual toking tool :eek:
  6. not sure what you mean by needing gauze...but i can tell you that it doesn't need it because i don't need anything for my proto pipe.

    it really is the perfect little smoking tool. very easy to clean and carry, and nothing will ever break.
  7. i ment a screen but cool guess it doesn't matter then :)

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