Steamroller or Bong?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Jibbs, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. I want to buy a new piece on gc, but I can't decide between a steamroller or bong. Budget is 200

    I like the way you can see the smoke swirling around in steamrollers, but I love the hits I get off of a bong. The only piece that I own right now is a spoon bowl

    Edit: I forgot to ask what everyone thinks I should get :p
  2. Get the bong. It's almost a necessity to any stoner. Just me n ma bong haha
  3. steamroller man they get you way more messed up. non filtered smoke gets you more fucked up.

  4. I thought a bong just filtered out the heat? I am using an unfiltered bowl right now but I thought it would be cool to have a bong
  5. i'd go to a local smoke shop and buy a bong, and a steamroller for $200
  6. it does but a lot of good things get filtered out like taste/buzz. it's nice to have but it's not worth spending $200 on either of these devices or any for that matter. The steam roller is probably the most underrated and most efficient way to smoke besides a 1 hitter pipe.
  7. Buy both. You can get a perculated bong and a steam roller for 200$. You could buy a nice vaporizer with 200$ too
  8. For two bills you can either buy 10 glass steamrollers, or a really nice diffused piece. For example, GrassCity sells a Weed Star triple perc tube that looks pretty nice for $150.
  9. Clearly uve never hit high end glass and clearly 200 is worth too much for a pipe based on what your saying. But tell me then why is their an entire glass industry with thousands of pieces in the thousands price range

  10. It's his personal opinion man, if he doesn't think that 200 is a worthy price, so be it. I can splurge a bit on a new piece but I also want the best bang for my buck
  11. Your question is irrelevant. A bongs chamber is infact a steamroller(missing a few things easily fixed)
    Still tho. :bonging: al day

  12. don't use water in a steamroller so it is perfectly relevant :hello:
  13. haha. my $60 bong is dank as fuck.
  14. Just got a steam roller for 16$ about an hour ago. First time using one, so cool. Mega hits
  15. bongs are how pots meant to be smoked

  16. what makes a steamroller any different than a spoon? all a roller is, is a spoon with the carb on the front essentially
  17. You can see the smoke roll in it, which is all I like lol
  18. Zong or bong forsure lol
  19. Spend the majority on a nice standard Glass on Glass bong and get a cheap steamroller. everyone wins :hello:
  20. I decided on a bong, im going to get one at the flea market Sunday afternoon

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