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Steamroller + 1g of blue dream= whoa

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kushbluntz, May 7, 2011.

  1. So my friend got a new 2 foot Long steamroller all glass an I got an eighth of blue dream an the bowl on the steamroller fit exactly 1g so we finish he bowl an idk wheree im at in my mind im so gone
  2. Quick! You got high! Make a thread!
  3. God damn I wish I could hit that steam roller. I've hit a 1 footer with a party bowl slide it was awesome. What brand if any?

  4. so many negative people around these days. you do remember that this is the apprentice section, right?

    but yeah, post a pic of that steam roller if you don't mind, i'd like to see that bad boy lol.

  5. These days eh? Not as good as when you joined a month ago? Reminisce about the good ol' days on a internet forum some more.
  6. Nah like a year ago it was way worse people would always say pics or it didn't happen or everybody would post a cool story bra picture hahahaha
  7. I don't have a camera on me sorry an I'm not sure what the brand is we just went p to the local headshop an picked it up it's awsome

  8. i really don't see any reason to defend myself, but i've been coming here for about a year or more if that's worth anything to you, oh noble and pretentious one.

    geeeeeeeze, people get so butthurt to defend their internet ego.

  9. scheezy
    smoke like a cohiba

    Join Date: Apr 2011
    Location: chattanooga, tn.
    Posts: 72

    Hmm I dunno budday
  10. i have had the blue dream before.. i took two hits an was in a blue dream :) an then we finished the blunt and were on an adventure. we also smoked out my double perc bong and i felt like everything was a cartoon but normal life version though.. man when i hear someone mention the blue dream i have to give it some love.. very smooth best high or your life*^^^^ adventurous strain.
  11. I love that blue dream that stuff is where it's at, steam rollers are legit too especially all glass. Ha doesn't that blue dream give you the craziest munchies tho? Every time I smoke the blue dream I go to hard on a buffet.... Blitz / squaddd!

  12. ...:bolt:
  13. It's called lurking.

    I did it for awhile before i signed up

    post a pic if you can op
  14. why didnt you just smoke some kushbluntz bro?
  15. T H ME, whats your problem bro. chill, you're just looking for a fight, thats not cool you're just throwing up on the good vibes :confused:
  16. Yo i have a 1 foot steamroller and a 3 foot bong.

    I prefer the steamroller over the bong any day, steamrollers are sick.

    1. You can see all the smoke and do tricks inside the tube.
    2. the hits are strong as hell, 3 hits and im done with my steam lol.

    my bowl holds about .6 if you pack it real tight.

    Gotta love steamrollers!!! :D

  17. Maybe he mad cause he smokin reggie out of a water bottle bong and op was smokin dank in glass?:confused_2:
  18. T H ME. You joined the same month as him and have only like 30 posts more than him...
  19. 1 G in a steamroller > 1 G blunt
    anyday of the week

  20. He said "hater these days". That doesn't necessarily mean just you or just online. Learn to broaden your perspective.

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