steamed plant??

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    i first put good soil into cups then i planted the germinated seeds into holes in the middle and put soil on top, it started coming up beautifully a couple of days after. the guide that i followed suggested that i put plastic zip lock bags ontop of the cups to humidify them, i do not have a humidifier, it worked fine, but then i started using lights, but it appears that i steamed them to death, the main one i cared for the most, is laying flat on the top of the soil and its squishy like a steamed peice of string bean.

    it used to be vibrant green kush color and now its starting to get light brown, but the plant still seems to be alive

    i am using the most basic materials and i cannot buy any more material i am strapped for cash
  2. You can't talk about selling ganja here. That being said, it is most likely that you 'steamed' your plants to death. Try again, don't put them so close to the light, don't put ziplock bags over it....
  3. I second that ^^lol.


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