Steam Rolling One Hitter

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    I give you The Flying Dutchman (smaller piece) and the Titanic ! Both recycled e-juice bottles one 30 ml , other 120 ml. Dropper makes the pipe(most standard one hitter from store will fit i broke mine so made new ones) , Silicon grommet is also made from dropper ! . drip tips for stem/mouth Peace ^_- hemp string / bottle cap are aesthetic and hot glue for a roll stop . THESE WERE INSPIRED BY THE FACT THAT ONE HITTERS ALONE SUCK! I enjoy my one hitter experience a lot more with these as they can be throttled with carb and produce very cool smoke(or keep it hot), it is up to the user for the most part.
    Used carbide drill bits from lows to make holes in glass!!! Peace,Love and Chicken Grease Don't forget to vote at the top of page please ^_- EDIT UPDATE new onehittters
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  2. Flying Dutchman nice builds man

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