Steam Rollers!?!

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  1. Wow. I had always heard about steam rollers, but never smoked from one. So I looked it up and made one. (too easy)

    I would think that there would be more talk about these things, I could take a bigger hit out of it then my bong. I can pack fat ass bowls and kill it easily.. I would think it would be harsh like a pipe but not at all.

    Are steam rollers supposed to be this good?? hahahah
  2. how did you make one? i'm interested
  3. oh they are something special haha
    if you chalk them, you get super ripped
    me and PuRe CaNNaBLiSS have a pretty big one
  4. That's fuckin sick I've never seen glass like that. How much was it?

    Yeah I'm starting to think they are :smoking:

    Hahah mine is a cardboard paper towel tube with a bong bowl stuck in the end :)

    Works amazing anyone should try it.
  5. i wont lie. it smokes good :) its alot of fun.:smoking:
  6. ha well we actually got it for free from one of our buddies who had decided to stop smoking
    hey man, it dont matter what something looks as long as it works
    paper towel should be just fine haha
  7. that is a nice steam rollllah :smoking:
  8. i have a roor kustom that is insane :)
  9. Yup it works great.

    I don't hear a lot about them..

    Seems like you would.
  10. Steamrollers hit like crazyness !
  11. Steamrollers are VERY popular up here in my area... Every shop sells em.. Never hit out of one myself because I'd rather have water filtration or my vape, but they do look nice. And Some even have smoke that spirals out, maybe i'll buy one sooner or later for the hell of it...
  12. thats the truth:smoking:
  13. Man there popular up there for a reason!

    and bongs really dont filter at all.. It just cools it.

    You need to try one
  14. Maybe, Monday i'll take a trip to the shop and see if they have a mini one that looks cool. I know they have a bunch of decent size (like the onein the vid) and a couple a bit smaller than that, but I want something like 6"
  15. steam rollers fade /thread.
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    My steamroller EASILY hits harder than any other pipe I own, its a solid 15 inches or so, with a bowl big enough for a half eight, but it is without a doubt, very harsh. I love it, and its great to bust out a parties cause its so solid and unique. But honestly, its doesn't get much use any more because of how hard the hits are on my lungs.

    oh yeah... heres a pic :smoking:

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  17. i must agree i love my 12 inch glass steam roller it hits fat as fuck:cool:

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