Steam Roller Idea

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    I mean I've seen GonG steam rollers, but what about an actual bong steam roller?
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    Ahh, I didn't know how to post pictures, sorry. But, anyways, what do you think of the idea, the little chamber in the front is an ice pinch, with a removable seal on the top.
  2. There ya go...

    And i have seen one like this before... but with only one method of filtration. I could see it costing 180+

  3. Haha, yeh, thanks. But I think it'd be well worth it, i think it'd be a very nice piece to have in anyones collection and fun to smoke out of.
  4. u can just get a a/c for it.
  5. It's a cool idea but I can see the water spilling very easily and the ice pinches leaking water out the end when the ice melts.
  6. I had a 14" 7mm HBG steamroller, with a 4-tree perc and stash jar on bottom. I'll see if I can find any pictures of it anywhere. Quite a few people got a sip of water if they didn't pay attention to the way you had to hold it.

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