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  1. This is a conversation I just had with an ex cop..

    Me: nub
    Him: hm?
    Me: that game lol nub
    Him: Ill bitch slap ur ass
    Me: nope.flv
    Me: nopeagainwithatrollfaicthistime.flvagain
    Him: not_anotherfoot_inur_mouth.axxes
    Me: :( police raid the cannabis cup
    Him: Lawls
    Him: <- A cop
    Me: theres nothing lawsly about raiding something that has been such a peaceful and non violent event for over 25 years
    Me: but since your a cop, you beleive that weed is bad amiright?
    Him: Nope
    Him: Only reason I dislike it and I'll give it to u straight
    Me: :eek:
    Him: 90% of the weed you receive comes from Mexico and that fuels for arm deals and weapons that enter our streets
    Me: yup
    Him: I dislike it because it comes from Mexico and thats my only reason
    Him: It isn't the drug itself it's the people behind the market
    Me: haha, the only reason the cartel makes any money off of it is because the fact that it is illegal
    Him: Not true
    Me: how so?
    Him: Reason they make money off it, is through human traffikking
    Him: Bringing mexicans
    Me: *rolleyes&
    Him: They pay nothing to bring it over and nothing to make it so they ly pay the guards
    Him: only*
    Him: Thats why they make a profit
    Me: yes exactly, because there is a black market, if weed were legalized for adults over 21 in the us it would cut down on the black market for weed drastically.nstead of trying to get rid of the cart
    Me: el we could profit from it
    Him: Not really, like all american leaders we will fall under more debt to try and buy it from Mexican cartel leaders
    Me: simple fact, were not winning the drug "war" and were wasting billions of years on fighting marijuana crimes alone from all the other drugs
    Me: hold up
    Me: how will we fall under more debt?
    Him: Then we will be like Mexico as they are now
    Him: in a crisis
    Me: i dont understand how we would fall under more debt and restrt to buying it from mexico
    Him: Ok who is our world supply right now?
    Him: Mexico
    Me: mexico :3
    Him: To build and make a farm to feed american needs for weed would take over 10 years
    Me: what?
    Him: it will only take 2 for the cartel to over power the government of america
    Me: how would that take over 10 years?
    Him: To product a cash crop for the substance
    Him: Produce*
    Me: i dont understnad LOL
    Him: Ok lamens
    Me: are you saying it takes 10 years to grow weed? :3
    Him: No Im saying it will take 10 years to produce enough to feed the american needs
    Me: I don under stand your lagic behind this
    Him: How much do you think the cartel sends over every 3 to 4 days?
    Me: ENUF lol idk a lot?
    Him: Last big bust was 114 tons
    Him: Thats the world record atm
    Me: :0
    Him: Now how many workers would be needed to farm it?
    Me: idk :3
    Him: How much land would be needed?
    Me: not much lol
    Him: How much would it be to quiet the protestors
    Him: The radicals
    Me: lets not get off topic to protestors, lol
    Him: Nah don't plan on it
    Him: It isn't logic that I get it from
    Him: It's Statistics
    Me: I understand, you kno that over 50% of americans favor legalization
    Him: Based on calculations
    Him: Nah much more then that
    Him: prolly in the 60's
    Me: yea thats why i said over 50 lol
    Him: Let me ask you this.
    Him: When we confiscate all these drugs where do we put it?
    Me: burn it, sotre it
    Him: We don't burn it.
    Me: sometimes we do
    Him: Nor do we store it
    Me: i can prove you wrong xD
    Him: we "did" at one point
    Him: But what about the hemp converse
    Me: the other week they were burning it down the street
    Him: Or the plastic made wood in hardware stores
    Me: What about hemp?
    Him: Not hemp
    Him: Hemp is in converses
    Me: hmm
    Him: But not in the wood
    Him: Based on a plastic made from THC
    Me: Yup, did you know that plastic is 5 times stronger than steel
    Him: Yup, now this is the question.
    Me: ok?
    Him: Did you know we resell it to the public without you knowing it?
    Me: resell?
    Me: what?
    Me: the weed
    Me: ?
    Him: The wood, shoes, perscription drugs, and most computers use the plastic made from the THC,
    Him: We sell it back to the public alrdy
    Me: not made from thc, made from hemp
    Him: But the thing is, we make more from doing that then the standard product.
    Me: I'm a little confused because we are getting ahead of outselves
    Him: Not really
    Me: lets take it sloww lol
    Him: I'm jsut stating facts I know
    Me: yes, and i like to hear them
    Me: lets go back to the gov making money off of weed if it were leagalized
    Him: See I'm an Ex-cop so trully I don't care to bab
    Him: If we legalized it for personal use
    Him: We would need 80% more then we have
    Him: To feed the american needs
    Me: how so?
    Me: i still dont understand this part lol
    Him: Let me explain
    Me: we can grow weed
    Him: Thats not the point
    Him: We use weed alrdy and make a hefty sum out of it
    Him: If we go and put it to a McDonalds type outet or chain
    Me: this is gonna be good xD
    Him: We would need 80% more of an increase to feed the american needs
    Me: well you do know that it doesnt cost much at all to grow weed?
    Him: And still make the products from weed that we alrdy make
    Me: and it grows fully in about 3-4 months
    Me: the US doesnt produce anything from hemp
    Me: we buy stuff from other contries that makje stuff from hemp
    Him: Thats not the point 60-70% of americans smoke weed and to produce that much would send us to another crysis because we wouldnt be able to make enough
    Him: If it legalizes then chains and outlets would be buying it up
    Him: The increasing the price to compete with Taxes, and other expenses
    Me: Alll you have to do it put a seed into the ground and grow weed, i dont understand still how it would costs soo much and how we wouldnt be able to feed americas needs.. It would create hunderds of thousands of jobs
    Me: It would also cut down on the cartel if we just make it cheaper than the black market price
    Him: Like I said we would buy it from Mexico for the first 3-4 monthes
    Him: If that happens then we are screwed
    Him: Sec let me show you a pic
    Me: Maybe we would, but the years after that we could grow out own.. it takes about 20 cents to grow a weed plant if you just feed it water.. We could still tax the hell out of it and make a hell of a lot more money off it than trying to keep it illegal
    Him: Just a pic of mine
    Him: Thats a few tons of pot
    Him: Now tell me this
    Me: Look at it this way, sure the cartels can make a lot of weed and send it over the obrder for very little costs, but the us can grow their own weed at very little cost. They can then take this weed and sell it for a cheaper price than reguar prices. Weed currently is 200% over priced on the black market.. Even if they add a lot of taxes to weed they would still porfit from all the jobs it would create and the money they could make from selling it
    Me: hold up hold up
    Me: THAT
    Me: Is more than a few pounds
    Him: I said tons
    Me: oh xD
    Him: thats about 4 tons
    Me: Ok.
    Him: I did this bust
    Me: :eek: nice
    Him: Now tell me how many days,weeks,monthes,oryears would it take to get this much how many plants and how much water?
    Him: This is a small shipment
    Him: They do about a 11 a day
    Him: Of these
    Me: it would take about 3-4 months. About 5000 plants, and idk how much water
    Me: it doesnt take years to grow weed man, it only takes a few months and a little water everyday.
    Him: What Im saying isnt that time it takes
    Him: Im saying the sheer volume of weed is much more then you might imagine
    Him: To keep americans happy
    Me: Ive seen my fair share of weed my man
    Him: You sure?
    Me: :D so sure
    Him: One sec
    Me: im not going into details with a former cop, but ive seen a field of weed
    Me: grown in a short amount of time.
    Me: So what im gettting from you is that to supply america with enough weed would be impossible right?
    Him: What im saying is that we use about 80% of the weed now to produce other produces
    Him: Products*
    Him: Redirect Notice
    Him: Thats the money and the 114 tons of pot
    Him: This is 1 shipment
    Me: yes
    Him: Ok now think of it like this
    Him: we have about 10-20 thousand workers right now
    Me: yes
    Him: Milling and making other products from weed
    Him: If you legalize it
    Him: about 3k lose their jobs
    Me: how?
    Him: If the product doesnt come it
    Him: in
    Me: it will come in, let me explain
    Him: To mill it and instead shipped to the americans for the houshold use
    Him: Would make people lose their jobs and this is including the jobs it will make
    Him: What Im saying it
    Him: is*
    Him: We have 20k jobs just milling the stuff into something else
    Me: im pretty sure i get the message your saying.. if weed were legalized they woudnt have any weed, but let me explain why they would
    Him: Do you think america doesnt have a weed farm?>
    Him: We have 3
    Me: ive seen a weed farm :p
    Him: *blanked out to keep it a secret :3*.
    Him: the big one
    Him: the other *instert number here* cant tell ya
    Me: blasemy!
    Him: Now why is it shutdown to the public?
    Him: And I've givin you the answer
    Me: so from my understanding your saying we couldnt grow enough weed to supply these people working and making profit from the weed you confiscate
    Him: Yup
    Me: and americans
    Me: now let me explain
    Me: to grow about 114 tons of weed in that picture it would take about 100 aecers of land. you kow how much land we have? i just dont understand how we wouldnt make prfit from something so easy to grow. not even talking about all the money we could stop wasting tryint to bring down the cartel
    Him: Let me say it in this term
    Him: Cops make it illegal so we can take it from you for free, fine you for it, and gives us a reason to do so.
    Him: If u legalise it.
    Him: It would mean a closet sized crop would support a family, the cartel wont ship any, and we lose the product
    Him: and we go into a crysis
    Me: you lose the product from the cartel but you can grow your own for way cheaper than the costs of busting everyone
    Him: Not really
    Him: We make far more then you think
    Him: We just deport them and they do it for free
    Him: We take more mill it and rinse and repeat
    Me: i know all about it man, but you still gotta pay all the cops working
    Him: 114 tons of pot is 225mil, if 114 tons of pot is milled, it makes over 4 tillion
    Him: Billion*
    Me: So basically all ive gotten out of you with this conversation is that cops are crooked and wrong. We couldn't profit from growing it ourselves because we make more moeny arresting innocent people and finening them for a plant
    Him: Pretty much. Reason I'm an ex-cop
    Him: It isn't logic in business
    Him: It's statistics
    Me: Hmm, i already knew this was how it played out and the reason they keep it illegal i justhad to get it from you
    Him: Cause it's worth more
    Me: a lot of people know this.
    Him: Reason it will never be legal
    Me: lets get off the cartel talk and lets talk about medical marijuana.
    Me: what are your thoughts on medical marijuana
    Him: I know nothing of that
    Me: :D so i have the upper hand >:)
    Him: No this is the part where I say "I can't tell you anything."
    Me: do you think weed has medical benifits? and also lol
    Him: All I will say.
    Him: Cause I know but at the same time I can't say
    Him: So I know nothing.
    Him: Nice chatting. Take it easy.
    Me: just because you dont know about medical marijuana doesnt mean you cant coment on it.. come on.. do you think weed has any medical benifits or are all the medical marijuana pateints just weed smokers trying to get a high?
    Me: WAIT!?"!?!
    Him is now Offline.

    Yea, so.. I just couldn't get through to him..
  2. Maybe he's not a cop >_<?
  3. why did i read this
  4. Well idk if he is or not lol.
    Idk why you read it haha. It's just a conversation I had over steam with an ex-cop.
  5. This is why marijuana should be banned forever
  6. It takes 10 years to grow weed man, and the mexicans control our economy in two years. The man is right, legalization wouldn't help.
  7. I thought it was 40% percent that came from mexico....
  8. This is a stoner forum no one wants to read that log ass story
  9. [quote name='"Pass the dr0"']This is a stoner forum no one wants to read that log ass story[/quote]

    Speak for yourself lazy!

    If what he said is true then wtf? I'll add this to my list of reasons to move out of the US. lol. If we're really getting that much weed from Mexico, it would be hard to suddenly start producing that much on our own. You were right about it being easy and fast, but to set up growing operations for THAT much weed would take a while and we probably WOULD have to import it for a while.. Idfk know man, crazy stuff. I'd like to talk to that guy myself.

    Oh btw just tell us where the weed farm is!!! ;)
  10. Definitely not a ex-LEO officer, let me tell you that.. :)
  11. I couldn't tell you why I made this thread. Maybe you should've been there at the time man, we were really bringing the definition of bromance to a whole new level - POSI-VIBES BRO! Balls touched.
  12. Most cops still think weed causes drain brammage...

    Actually the reverse is true: Weed makes people smart enough not to become cops.
  13. lol i could see them taxing it per plant or some shit so it would still cost you $100 per plant to grow it before nute and soil costs.
  14. I only read a little, and I don't take this guy for the truth.
  15. TFL, DDR

    (Too fucking long, definitely didn't read)
  16. Good for you, I guess you liked it enough to post about it.
    Didn't care :smoke:
  17. that just blew my mind.

    medical marijuana is certainly the right choice for americans. making it full out legal would mean the government has almost no control over it.

    Making it medical would mean they can still regulate it strictly (in terms of who they prescribe) while opening up another legal market while at the same time keeping those thousands of jobs open for Americans.

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