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Steam account stolen

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by bkdub, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I tried logging into my steam account today for the first time in only like 2 days, and it kept telling me i entered it wrong, so I went to the steamcommunity thing and my name and picture had been changed and they changed the email and password. I emailed steam and they haven't hit me back.
  2. Was your account a lower digit? With all 3 and most 4 digits, steam gives a secret passphrase that will return your account. Having proof of purchase for a game you bought on the stolen account is the easiest way to get it back. Other than that it might not get returned.
  3. they could care less if you got your account back or not. My friend sent an email and got a reply 8-9 months later and did not solve the problem. Just asked for proof and so on. good luck tho.
  4. no my account was from 2006 i think. im pissed though cuz it had css l4d l4d2 codmw2 and all the hl2 games and i have the credit cards and the game codes for the orange box and mw2 but they still aint hit me back. Oh well i get paid on friday im prolly gonna buy the new battlefield game and starcraft 2 beta code those dont require steam.

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