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  1. ok right now i have a few seeds germinating so i wanted to hear some of the stealthiest outdoor grow stories.
    any help guys?
  2. It depends on where you live. In my area, palm frauns are everywhere. I just went into a gigcantic path of them. made a clearing, and setup some pots. I went and watered every 3-4 days, sometimes more if it rained. Didnt let it get too big, placed the pots all over. Just find a place where no one would go man, and then hide it deep in there, and watch out for wild animals.

    If you wanna spend some money heres a story for you:

    My buddy got 2 peices of drywall and made a corner pointing out of the corner in his room. so it made a little room you couldent get into. He mudded it with drywall mud, painted it, then went into the attic, and ripped off insulation and cut a hole down into the room. He grew in there, and put the insulation back every time, so no one would know. ;)

    Hope this Helps.

    - Vince
  3. wow thats a devoted grower!
  4. com on guys lets here some spots
  5. A good way to keep them hidden and keep the heat signature down.
  6. Usually on the side of mountains or hills there are rock faces were trees wont grow, thus leaving a good pach of sun too come through.:) put the plants in burlap sacs filled with soil and scatterr them amoung the blufss.
  7. me and my buddies grew 3 plants in my friend's neighbor backyard. The guy is stupid too, so we planted them behind his shed kinda thing. it was fenced off so and the only way to get to it was from my friends house.
  8. sorry but that is very immature. growing on someone elses property. do you know how much shit they could get in for that?? -rep for you my friend. you dont even sound like your 18.
  9. wtf dude if you were in his situation would you plant it in your backyard? im givin him some rep that u stole from him!
  10. LMAO :D
  11. there is a house on my street, that is up for rent, but no one lives in it. i have one plant just growing in a pot (incase i need to move it) in the backyard of the house
  12. my favorite thing to do is to go out in the woods, find a swampy area or somewhere where there is a stream or small body of water. then i find the nearest logs that have fallen over, preferably rotten ones, and put them together to make a raised bed.

    then fill it with composted manure, pearlite, peat, potting mix, blood meal, bone meal, organic stuff, miracle grow, lime, ect, ect, all the goodies. mix that stuff up, but make sure it doesn't burn the plants, little quantities of the harsh stuff.

    Then make a fence, using either deer fencing, or netting, cause you dont want nothin touching that plot. After you plant those beauties and they are growing good, put a good inch off seaweed covering the topsoil, it keeps some moisture in as well as gives a little extra nitrogen boost over time.

    the plants will get plenty of water cause they are on the edge of the water and plenty of light too. :) VIVA GUIRILLA!
  13. ya dude a buddy of mine out in a wooded area has like 2 acres and had a hugh tree wid around 3 pitts protecting his land wid a fece.

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