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  1. So fater years of buying pot i decided i need to try and grow my own. I recently purchased this stealthy hydro box LOWRYDER DELUXE SOIL VERSION, NO HYDROPONICS - Detailed item view - Grow Box, Automatic Grow Boxes, Lowryder Grow Box

    I am starting to have doubts, do you think this will be fine to grow 2 autoflower lowryder plants? the lighting it comes with is one 6500k grow light and 3 2700k lights for flowering. I also purchased a auto white moscow seed and a auto bubblicious seed. Do you think this set up will work? Thanks

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  2. To me, it looks like your lights will be okay. What I'm concerned about is the height of that box. I hope that your plants don't get to tall. That being said, you can "train" them as they grow to bend more horizontally and not grow up into the lights.

    Let us know how it goes and good luck.
  3. each plant is supposed to grow between 12-16 inches
  4. sorry...bump
  5. two plants in there? looks like it going to be really tight man. lst is gonna be need and topping too.
  6. Let me know how that works out for you, I've had my eye on those.
  7. i have something similar, im about to start growing.
    have you been using the lowryder at all?
  8. I ended up buying it since the guy is local to me. I never got nutes with it and 0 support from him. Hope he doesn't screw you like he did to me. Box has slight light leaks but a great design. Ships by parcel posts so look for it in about a week and a half. definitely need to lst or some other training to fit more than one. Rather quiet, just some humming from the computer fans.

  9. How was the yield?
  10. Ive also been eyeing this one

  11. doesn't look like you'd be able to get much out of it , since it looks pretty small.
  12. Blech. I wish I knew how much space and stuff I needed to get 4-8 oz out of my autoflower seeds.
  13. I also purchased this unit, but with the hydro setup. Got zero support as well and he lied several times about when he would be shipping it. Took 3 weeks to get here. There are light leaks between the door and the rest of it but it's not that bad and I'm growing autoflowers anyways so I doubt they'll be too fussy. I do plan to put a bigger light in here and get better ventilation.

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