Stealth Wine Brewing

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  1. I made a little tutorial on how to brew wine cheaply and with no brewing odors.


    Everything must be sterilized, otherwise you risk projectile vomiting or poisoning(botulism). There have been issues in the past where the balloon would leak bacteria into the wine even though there is a good seal, the activated carbon both absorbs odors and any bacteria that attempts to enter the balloon. You can use fishtank carbon. Taste will vary depending on how long you brew and what type of yeast you use. To stop fermentation process, refrigerate wine. This wine is ready to drink after 3 days, would recommend brewing 2 weeks+ for higher alcohol content and better taste. Since you are fermenting fruit juice, it is impossible to produce methanol.

    Have fun and drink responsibly!
  2. Im not a huge win fan but i might make some of this just to have at dinner with the fam or something great tut +Rep for what its worth lol keep tokin brotha:smoke:
  3. Isn't it legal to brew wine? Maybe it stinks real bad or something, can't say that I know, but it would explain the reason for "stealth".
  4. Depends on your preferences. How bad it smells during fermentation depends on what yeast you use. Wine yeasts smell a lot less stronger than bakers yeasts. The people at my place do not like the smell of yeast so stealth is the only option. Also if you live in an apartment or dormroom, you don't want people thinking you have a methlab going because the smell is that strong.
  5. [​IMG]

    I'll stick to the classics.

  6. bum wine tastes like shit but kicks like a mule
  7. There's actually a few chemicals you can get pretty cheap and a couple other devices pretty cheap and it makes the wine 100x better. My dad has been makin it for a couple years and goes to classes at the college, etc. IF you don't add certain chemicals, you can get a very acidic wine, which is not good at all. Also, make sure you get the times down for the different stages otherwise it'll be bunk.:smoke:
  8. I brewed some stinking ass beer, but it doesn't stink too bad while it's fermenting. Does wine stink more?
  9. Just finished brewing after 48 hours. This stuff totally got me drunk, I drank about 700 ml(4 glasses) or 3/4 of a liter bottle. I would estimate about a 7-9% alcohol content after 48 hours in a warm environment. I probably wont make any more because this stuff kinda tastes like ass(probably tastes better if brewed longer), but it was a pretty good experiment.

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