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Stealth toking in house?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jamo16, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know any tricks on how to smoke in your room without the smell going everywhere? My room is a couple doors down from my parents.
  2. windows are heaven. just blow everything out tue window
  3. Well I know a lot of people will disagree but If you hold it in until you blow nothing out. Never smell a thing, and like 4 hits gets you blow lol.
  4. Go in your bathroom, turn shower on hot, put a towel under the door, open the window,turn the fan on and make a sploof (toiletpaper tube + dryer sheets)
    Than spray febreeze afterwords.
    Unless you just really want to do it in your room. Than make a sploof and blow your hits out the window.And No joints!
  5. Well there is no real 100% effective method to smoke inside. Try and blow out the window and spray Ozium for odor.
  6. Make a sploof and open a window
    You're golden
  7. Its not hard, get over it and do it. After you do it, you will see its easy.
  8. Best bet is to just go outside, that's what I would do, but honestly, you could probably get away with it by opening a window and using a sploof or burning incense or something. I smoke weed in my apartment all the time, and I burn incense when I do, and the smell has never been an issue; I don't even open the windows anymore, it's cold outside, and it doesn't seem to matter.
  9. Magic Flight Launch Box

  10. Nope, not /thread. I wish you'd stop spamming the forum with your praise for the MFLB. It's a fine vape. We know you like it. I like it too.
  11. Do both of these.If you want to be 100% sure you wont get caught.Pack up a small pinch hitter type of bowl,hit it all in one hit,then ghost it as best as you can so that there is little to no smoke at all.If you still are a bit nervous,you can spray the febreeze or ozium when you're exhaling the smoke.

    In my experience when you're in a hot steamy bathroom,the smell for some reason doesn't really stick around too long.

    BTW Glade makes an odor neutralizer that is made for cigarette smoke and it has kind of a minty(but not in a sweet sense)scent to it and works pretty good too,but its one of those loud sprayers.:devious:
  12. If your bathroom has a fan, use it. Or go outside.
  13. Dude check out the Smoke Buddy, its pretty genius, havent tried it but would like one for my car toking.
    [ame=]YouTube - Smoke Buddy Is AWESOME![/ame]

    Going by that vid it killed a fat rip out a toro so im pretty convinced it works.

  14. just go outside man. its disrespectful to smoke in your parents house if its against their wishes. its so much easier to just step outside for a few minutes, do your business and then come back in.

    no smell to hide or try and cover up. no knock on your door after you JUST inhaled. no scrambling to hide your shit before your door opens its just safer and more respectful imo.
  15. Yeah didnt read the OP, if its your parents pad, just go outside. Less headaches because your gonna slip up, it happens to the best. Get some scented hand sanitizer so your fingers dont reek when you get back inside, also a extra shirt is a good idea to bring if you really dont wanna get caught.

  16. This is the logical answer.:hello:

  17. your hating on someone that likes the same product as you just because he likes it so much he recommends it to anyone who is too lazy to search for one of the thousand of thread on how to stealth toke. Just doesn't make sense. And BTW your the one spamming because your post is in no way constructive to the thread.

    I'd say either smoke outside, use a sploof, or get a MFLB.
  18. As much as I would recommend a stealth vaporiser such as the MFLB or the Ninja, not everyone has the capital to afford such a device.

    While it is possible to toke in your room in stealth, I think the amount of effort required to do it is not really worth it. As has been mentioned earlier, smoking outside is much quicker, easier and probably more effective at hiding the smell
  19. That's a crazzzy idea haha! I would try it but I don't really need to. Someone try this for us please!

    --Once you take a huge hit, swallow it and proceed to fart it out.
  20. thats exactly what i do in my dorm room, ppl startin to get hot and come smoke all the time, its crazy how fast u make friends when ur one of two dorm rooms on the floor with a shower and u smoke weed

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