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stealth system

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fooned, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. So as it turns out, i'm gonna be spending the summer with my parents before i go off to college, only luckily they're moving and in this new house i'll have my own (fairly small) floor to myself, and its the third floor. The reason this is good is because i intend to be smoking in there every couple nights, as i have no friends in this new city, and i assume having my own floor will be better for smell control. However, i want to have a really good, solid system for making sure my parents never smell anything. so far all i have is smoking in the bathroom blowing the smoke out the window then taking a shower. any other suggestions? (btw i know air freshener will make them suspicious, and they told me a few years ago to use dry deodorant, cuz they dont like the smell, so thats out.)
  2. vape, sploof, blow out the windows, fan facing windows when smokin there, incense, and covering the bowl after every hit.
    cant really go wrong there eh?
  3. bathroom is the most efficient way. if you want to smoke in your room the most important thing is for you to control the air flow. get a fan and place it near a window blowing outwards, then use your hands or bare feet to check that air is coming IN from under the door. as far as covering smell goes try spraying just a few sprays of after shave as it smells stongly but a couple of sprays isn't supicious also cooking microwave pop corn is a great cover and awesome for munchies :) the safest possible is just jump outside for a bit.

    i have a similar situation as you, im going to be staying with my parents this summer and they are moving to america so i will also have no friends haha. im more concerned about being able to find some green as opposed to smoking it.
  4. to into bathroom, put towel on door so no smoke leaks out, turn on shower(hot), open window, light bowl, exhale out window with fan blowing out window, spray oust after every hit(oust doesnt smell of anything it just gets rid of smells) afterwards get in shower and change clothes. btw showers are intense while high
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    To dwaine: Yea i'm just buying a fuckload before we move, and were driving so thats good. I guess you cant really do the same tho if you don't wanna risk international drug trafficking charges, lol.

    To piffcity: lol yea i love showering high.
  6. Wow I'm in the same living situation as you. I have my own floor that has my room and a bathroom and a guest room and that's it. It overlooks the living room somewhat like a loft.

    Anways, just do this. ALWAYS use a splooff, always smoke with the windows WIDE open and the fan on. While smoking you can turn the fan on low, but right when you're done put it on max. Let your room air out for about half an hour, and I find it also helps to force air through the sploof (just breath out it real hard) a couple times to help get the smell of dryer sheets in the air. After letting your room air out of 30 mionutes or so, you're free to open your door and let the room get a nice breeze through it.
    My mom's walked in literally like 30 minutes after I've smoked with this setup, nothing was noticed.

    Good luck man.
  7. all i do is close my doors and blow out the window, never had a problem. no sploofs, no fans...just a man, a bic, his bowl, and a desire to get high
  8. make a sploof there amazing u can literaly smoke in a room rite next to your parents with out any suspicion
  9. You could go outside and smoke, that's what I usually do. You gotta be just as stealthy though. My parents catch me every now and then when the call my name from upstairs and they get no reply cuz I"m outside smokin a bowl.

    If you smoke up a room, make sure you towel the bottom crack of the door.
  10. I live in the room right next to my parents, so I am ALWAYS afraid of them smelling something (our doors are about two feet apart, at a 90 degree angle). Because of this, I take several steps to ensure they wont smell shit.

    1. Block off your door- I did this my placing small weather stripping (it comes in a roll, and is used to stop drafts in windows and doors) along the top and sides of the doorframe where the door comes in contact. It's adhesive on one side, so its really easy to install. Im a musician, so my cover story was that it would reduce sound bleeding out into the hallway (which is partially true). I also cover the crack at the bottom with a hoodie or whatever is hand and inconspicuous, in the event that someone comes knocking.

    2. Light a candle- I got a coffee flavored/scented candle from walmart. It was like 5 bucks, and I find the scent kinda blends/covers up any smoke smell better than, say, a vanilla flavored candle.

    3. Blow the smoke out of your window- I often had a problem accomplishing this, because my room faces the side of the house that the wind tends to blow against. To solve this, I got a small cheap (but relatively powerful) fan from walmart, and covered up the back with a hose/funnel combination. This creates suction through the hose because of the impedance mismatch between the diameter of the fan and the much smaller diameter of the hose. The whole assembly is quiet and small. Another plus is that after you take a hit, you can use the hose to suck up the excess smoke coming off the cherried bowl if you forgot to extinguish it (another VERY important thing to do). To cover up the rest of the crack left by the open window, i stuff it with a towel. When using this, no wind or smoke from outside can make it back inside.

    4. Timing- I try to wait till everyones asleep to do this, just to minimize my chances of having someone knock on my door.

    5. Activated Carbon Spoof- In the event that I cant do the fan for whatever reason, I resort to my active carbon spoof. It removes most of the smell, and whatever is left usually dissipates within a few minutes. I used this in my dorm room all year, and all the time when I'm driving. No one has ever questioned the smell after. Just be sure to change the carbon every few weeks of regular use.

    Ill try to post pictures of the fan thing later, so you can get a clearer idea of what I'm describing ;)
  11. Well everyone already said all the important stuff for smoking inside, but just go outside and blaze. That way you don't have to worry about any smell.

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