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Stealth Smoking In The Shower?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GanjaMonster, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I'm just wondering, do you guys suppose this will work?

    -Close the door, and (possibly) put a towel under it.
    -Get the shower going 'till it's hot and steaming
    -Turn on the ceiling fan/vent thingy
    -Spark up away from door to be quieter
    -Blow into sploof
    -Take a couple more tokes
    -Have a nice shower, lots of shampoo/bodywash to help cover up smell

    A couple more things to keep in mind:

    -My dad's room is quite close to the washroom (10-15 ft. away)
    -I have no window in the washroom
    -I have no eye drops in the washroom, although I suppose I could hide it...

    I just wanna know if I'm gonna leave NO trace of any smell whatsoever. I'm just paranoid like that, yo.
  2. um bring clear eyes in your pocket?
  3. im in the exact same situation...:(
  4. I ran out of eyedrops. :\ I doubt I'll be THAT blazed though.
  5. Ya that will for sure work. Just take some Visine or something in with you. Use pungent soap/bodywash, too. It should work for sure.
  6. Make sure that ceiling fan / vent is not just sucking the smell to other parts of the house!

    bring some kind of febreeze or air freshner, because just the smell of soap / shampoo will not cover it!

    it's all really sketchy because you don't have a window.
  7. how the hell do you figure out where the vent is going to lol
  8. all you gotta do is turn on the shower really hot and once it starts steaming start to smoke your bud and blow towards the shower and once it starts getting a little stuff in there turn on the vent and then start over again believe me no sploof the steam from the shower works very well and also use the towel method also a wet towel:smoking::smoking:
  9. If you're careful about it you can blow the smoke down the drain, this can be done by cutting the top off of a soda bottle (plastic) and fitting the wide end over the drain. Then just blow through the mouth of the bottle, make sure the bottle is flush with the drain such that no smoke escapes.
  10. I doubt it would suck the smell to other parts of the house. It's not like the steam's gonna go to other rooms, right? I mean, imagine taking a huuuuge dump that stunk so bad, and you used the vents to get it out. Can you imagine how nasty everyone else's rooms would smell?!
  11. Well obviously if the can is blowing out you will be able to feel some kind of air flow.. or if it is sucking in hold a tissue up or something lol .. you'll be able to tell the difference..

    I'm just saying from experience
    I did the EXACT same thing you did, but with extra air freshners, and i blew smoke into a bounce sheet.

    but the ceiling fan thing sucked my smoke to the different parts of my house and my whle house danked...

    just try it one day when you;re home alone for awhile and see if you can smell it anywhere else in the house

    Good Luck!
  12. I've done this before!

    I have no window in the bathroom either... the steam takes the smell away like magic man
    add a sploof and really, yer just overdoing it man
    BUT i dont blame you at ALL

    because I am a stealth smoker myself.
    I'm just trying to make you less nervous about it man:)
    go for it
  13. So if the fan is sucking IN, it's most likely gonna divert to other rooms around the house?

    Also, I have air fresheners/sprays inside the washroom. I can just say I took a huge dump in there if they ask, lol. If worst comes to worst, I won't even use the fan/vent.
  14. what i do now is close the vent compeltly where its air tight.

    and than i do the exact same thing as you outlined lol
  15. Lol ok then, I'll try that. I'll update you guys later to let you know whether it was successful or not.
  16. #16 ROCgrass, Feb 11, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 11, 2009
    the vent does go directly outside or else all that moist air would be a breeding ground for mold to grow in your attic or wherever else you think it may go... I work at a store that sells HVAC supplies (actually just got laid off). No worries buddy but if you want to go hardcore the coke bottle top idea would be the absolute best way to do it. Lay a few heaavy beads of silicone around the cut end of the bottle so theres like 1/2 to 3/4 or an inch of silicone( its flexible especially then it gets warm its very pliable and will seal great. exhale as long as you can to ensure it ALL goes through the drain. Toke away broski!!
    EDIT: EPIPHANY.... Take a look at thic contraption. Im assuming you would have to hide it from the rents but thats your deal my friend. Witha a little time on paint, my idea comes to life:
    [​IMG] Now you wont have to get on your hands and knees to blow the smoke out, maybe some weights of something glued inside the bottle to prevent movement, or add a few dowels that slide into the holes on the drain guard to keep it one place
  17. well i think it would work but for red eye i would just say that you got soap in your eyes
  18. i do this pretty often. no window or fan. just turn the water as hot as it goes and blow the smoke into the steam. use lots of smelly shampoo or soap (optional but recommended).

    works awesome. you dont really need to do all that other stuff the steam is magic like mmjmanning said
  19. Well guys, I did it. That was singlehandedly the best shower of my life. I'm still baked 2.5 hours later. Thanks guys, everything still smells fresh as evar.

  20. if they're red say u accidently got soap in ur eyes...

    light a match in there... say u took a big shit if they ask...

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