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Stealth smoking at home, will this work? need to know for tonight

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ogbaby, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Normaly i dont have to smoke at home because u just go out but thing have been slow this summer, meh friends buy or on vacation. so i was thinking after my parents go to bed at like 12 or 1 am im going to go down stairs with a can pipe sploof and fan and pretty much sit on the window cill on my bottom floor bathroom every ones rooms are on the third floor, and i will sit so half my body is out the window and take a hit or two then spray down use the sploof point fan out window then go chill in my room for a bit u guys this this will work?

    chance of getting caught?

    the window i will be smokeing out of is on the other side of the house as my parents.

    the thing is i like in kinda a richer area with only two houses beside me not near any parks or any thing so if my parents do smell it they will be suspicious.

    also i had sure there windows are closed
  2. "also i had sure there windows are closed" Lmao that's some grammar there.

    Anyways yes it will work. That's quite a safe way to consume it actually, many precautions were took. Good job.
  3. You are soooo not 18. lawl
  4. look... bro i got a C+ in english class
  5. LOL. thats a new one ^^
  6. Just blow it out the window in your room. You will be fine.
  7. you'll find out tomorrow... Should be pretty safe but just make sure you spray the hell outta the place

  8. do you speak like that in real life? almost everyone i've ever met (besides retards) speak fine in real life, and had varying grades in english.

    I don't see why you cant post on the internet in the same language you talk in.
  9. Just go outside?

  10. Yeah 8th grade is a bitch
  11. Can pipe ? Atleast use a damn apple.
  12. mkay change of plans i gotta do it in my room with my parents room like 10 feet away across the hall ill put towels under the door and stuff?
  13. if ur on the other side of the house, should be fine. also, doing it from a higher location is good because nobody will be above you to smell it at all. just make sure the lighter doesn't make too much noise.
  14. make sure the environment is comfortable enough for you. otherwise, save your bud for another time
  15. Just go outside..

  16. this. its no fun being super paranoid just try to relax
  17. Step 1) open your door
    Step 2) walk out your door
    Step 3) close the door behind you
    Step 4) go to your backyard/side of your house/front of your house, wherever u think is best
    Step 5) smoke massive amounts of marijuana
    Step 6) go to the door
    Step 7) open the door
    Step 8) walk in the door
    Step 9) close the door behind you
    Step 10) Enjoy.
  18. fo real bro just go outside... ur parents arnt bloodhounds and the smell will be long gone by morning... just go outside. sit down. spark up. releax. and all will go well

  19. After crunching the numbers, I can safely say that you have a 49.444...% chance of getting caught.
  20. Buy a smokebuddy

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