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stealth shipping

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by lizzardGizzard, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. When it comes to stealth shipping from seedbanks, there is no such thing as to much. I've ordered from kindseed, and they did good at stealth. But they're high priced, so I'm going to use seed boutique, attitude or maybe Dr. chronic. They all have good reviews and a few bad. What I'm most concerned about is stealth shipping. Now, I know that some of you tend to nut up when someone starts talking about the ways they stealth ship, so I won't list what they send seeds in (even though some of these banks say on their website what they ship in). I read a story on this site about some postal worker finding seeds when the package they were shipped in ripped open, so they called the cops, who got a warrant and busted the guys house. So, my question is, what seedbanks do the best stealth shipping and has anyone received seeds that were NOT packaged stealth (just rolling around in an envelope?).
  2. So far it seems that The Attitude has the best stealth, but I've read here that Dr. Chronic and Seed Boutique do well with the stealth also. It really comes down to whether your package happens to be the one that customs decides to check or not. I wouldn't worry about the unlikely scenario of the do-good postal worker, however, if it makes you feel better, you can always have them sen to an address where you aren't growing. Just curious, but what coast are you on? It seems that the only folks who really have trouble gettng seeds due to customs intervention are Mid-westerners. I belive it has to do with the effectiveness of the Chicago customs dept., but who can really say? Anyway, hope that helps....

  3. That is highly (!) unlikely and probably was just one of those "getting attention" posts...
  4. I'm in a small town in the pacific northwest. The bad thing is that I don't really have anywhere else to ship the seeds. The post office doesn't have any PO boxes for rent and there's no where else to get one. I just want to go the safest route possible.
  5. Chances are, you'll be just fine ordering from a reputable site like The Attitude and having them sent to your home. The biggest thing to keep in mind is to always keep the fact that you're growing a secret to begin with. The only other thing I could suggest is to use a fake name when havng the seeds sent to you, so if there is ever a question you have some sort of "plausible deniability". Worst case, customs catches it, sends you a letter stating so, and you're out the cost of the order. Only thing left to do after that, is order again....
  6. Oh yeah, no one but my wife and cats know about this grow. Loose lips sink ships, right?
  7. From what I've heard, if you email Dr.Chronic upon confiscation he's pretty willing to send out a set of freebies to keep up his reputation. Can anyone confirm this?
  8. i've only ordered from seedboutique although shipping was fast and everything went smooth... but the shipping was definitely not stealth
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    Also, if your worried about using a fake name and the package getting returned or not delivered at all..

    I tend to mis-spell my last name a bit....enough so it's not a dead ringer for your exact name, but close enough that the postal worker will know that the package is intended for you and that coming from overseas...they probably just typed it wrong..lol

    You could also talk to the postal worker and let them know (ahead of time) that you had a room mate move in with you, or a cousin or something, and that he should expect some mail to start coming for John Winger, or something like that...then use that name specifically for ordering your beans...

    I have 3 names on my mailbox...the postal worker even wrote them on a business card on the inside lid of the mailbox door (incase he's on vacation or whatever).....

    I'll even go as far as ordering free samples and catalogs online in the fake names...to keep the mail coming in...:hello:

    The great thing about the internet and technology today is people get shipments delivered to their home everyday, from all parts of the world thanks to online shopping and Ebay of course...Postal workers don't care, or have the time to scrutinize your packages while they are dropping them in your mailbox..
  10. No stealth at all? Were the seeds just shipped loose in an envelope or just in the breeders pack and not wrapped up and hidden?
  11. I put in an order to m-sees.nl just before christmas using their stealth option. It was delivered straight to my door in just over a week in a very stealthy way...so much so that i almost thought the beans were not in there!!!:eek: Luckily i found them before i through out the pack:D
  12. You guys are cracking me up with this "false name" discussion...misspelling names and such...:rolleyes:

    Have your beans go to:

    Green Thumb

    (Insert any address here)

    You can run a home based business w/o notifying the mail man :rolleyes: ...any (business) mail can be sent to your (home) address!
  13. I'm not going to go into any details,but I just got my order in from seedboutique and the package was cut open then taped.I don't know if seedboutique packed it that way or not,it does'nt make any sense unless customs opened it.Either way I got my beans and 5 freebies in 7 days after shipping.

    Has anybody else received their package taped up with nothing missing?
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  14. It is was "clear transparent tape" then it probably is THIS.

    Just kidding just kidding!

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    That is funny...tracking tape?

    If it was some kind of govt. sting you would think they would use their own stealth method of opening packages without it being obvious that somebody did.
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    Not recently, and not from Seedboutique...I received my seeds once, in a plain white envelope with a letter from the USPS apologizing for destroying the shippers original packaging, but "sometimes it happens in their auto-sort machines"

    Enclosed was the letter, half of the original envelope that looked like a car tire ran it over, and all of my beans in the original breeders packaging...

    Now that's Government service at it's finest.

    I have also received my beans in an envelope that was re-taped by US Customs...apparently, they inspected the package, put my beans back in, and sent it on it's way to me......

    That was about 6 years ago :hello:
  17. i used a visa debit card and i used my real name and real address.. its this a bad idea??

  18. a visa debit card - That was OK. (the vendor likely uses 3rd party for billing and will never see your CC data)

    i used my real name and real address.. its this a bad idea - Yes! (unless you don't grow at home but still not a good thing to do!)

    Who did you buy from?
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    well I dont know about all this stuff but a friend of mine orderd some seeds from this one site but I cant remember its name but he used his real name and address on it and he got it in one week with no trouble thats pretty fuckin stealth right there! the only gripe I have with that site though is they dont have much of a selection of strains. anywho does anyone know how Attitude ships their stuff stealth? im thinkin about placing an order with them I wont use my real name but I will use my real address only because I have no other choice...

    please don't discuss the actual stealth methods used by the seed banks.


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