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  1. Hey guys! I'm going to setup a PC Stealth Grow.
    First time, I've been reading for about 2 years and have finally decided to go through with it. I just ordered 10 white rhino from attitude. (they're supposed to grow short) and got 4 freebies with them. I'm going to grow the freebies first.
    Attached are pictures of the case I'll be using, with an xbox 360 controller for size reference. The fan is an 80mm fan.. it's about 50CFM... is this too low? I'm going to have 4 CFLs and 1 plant. you think this will be enough?
    I'm thinking about odor control. It's stealth so I can't have a bigass carbon filter out the back, and it's too small to put a big ass carbon filter inside... what do i do?
    In these pictures I'm beginning light proofing. I might use panda film or mylar. I think I'll go with panda because it will help lightproof. how much of a difference is there between the two? also for lights I'm going to use 4 maybe 6 (4 on top 2 on sides) CFLs. 23W (100W equivalent).

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  2. Look into ONA gel, that'll probably work for you since your only growing one plant. Mylar is a little more reflective when it has no crinkles in it but I personally prefer panda film. It's a lot thicker, and easier to handle/clean.

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