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  1. Hey everyone,

    I've been considering purchasing some easy indoor seeds for a small PC case grow. I'll probably go with Lowryder seeds or a similar, short, quick flowering plant.

    Anyways, I've been looking at mainly Dr-Chronic and, mainly due to their reputation of being reputable and discreet. I am very nervous about having seeds delivered to my parent's house, of course.

    So anyone with experience with these sites ONLY please tell me how exactly they stealth their seeds and how reliable these traders are. Feel free to PM me if it is not safe to discuss their stealthing methods openly.
  2. generally explains the kind of security they use on their website. they email you with your specifics a day or two after you order, and i wouldn't hesitate at all to order from them again after receiving a couple of their stealth packages.
  3. ive had good luck with also.and would use them again.dont really know about dr chronic but have used . i only mention this because you said it was going to your parents house if i remember right. you will recieve your merchandise in a hand written letter addressed in what ever name you want. also check out his sweet 105,he mentioned the strain you were talking about in the discription for s 105. i'm going to put it outside next spring. also have his endless sky. hope this helps you.
  4. i've had 3 successful dr chronic order and 2 gypsy nirvanas. OCCASIONALLY customs intercepts a package and takes your seeds and sends you a letter to that effect. that's the worst i've heard happen other than the US illegally arresting canadian seedbank owner marc emory where they have no jurisdiction.

    i'd suggest AGAINST getting lowrider seeds. it's total schwag. the ONLY reason to grow it is if you have a situation where you can't control the lighting for a proper 12/12 cycle. otherwise, there are other better low odor/compact alternatives to consider from trippy & speedy sativa like C99 (cinderella 99) to her mellower euphoric and trippy son apollo 11 to mostly pure indica northern lights #5 which all run circles around lowryder.

    lowrider's only virtue is autoflowering and that comes from it's virtually THC free ruderalis parents. it's totally low grade smoke. if you don't believe me, check out the grow reports at the old overgrow forum...

    it's one of the most overhyped schwag varieties out there for regular grows. it only makes sewnse if you're, say, growing it in your backyard which gets light polution from a streetlamp. otherwise, if you can control the light cycle properly, it should be avoided like the plague.

    C99, A11 & NL#5 are all top rated strains that just so happen to be compact and stealthy too.

    mendicino madness is low odor as well, but i don't know how compact that one is. it's great smoke though as i had a couple hits of it recently.
  5. Just posted this same caution on another thread: let's not discuss the details of how seedbanks send their seeds. They all try to disguise it or make it look nondescript, and they change up their methods from time to time so that Customs doesn't know exactly what to look for. It would be a real shame if Customs could still learn what to look for just by reading this Forum.

    In fact, I suggest posters edit their posts to remove any specific details.
  6. I agree, that's why I only posted what already has publicly posted on their website..
  7. Thanks guys. You are right about not discussing things publicly here. I ordered 10 NL seeds from like I said I would. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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