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  1. i have some fantastic ideas, BUT is there anything at ALL that can mask the smell outdoors? i kinda TOTALLY UNDERESTIMATED one of the strains we had. could i possibly cover that smell in the future to grow there again.??
  2. If you can, try to save leaf piles and yard clippings. Burn small piles, especially during peak times when passerbys might smell your "babies". Once when I was drying a large and very aromatic crop my friend and neighbor woke me the morning after I had set them up in the garage to dry. He said ..dude get your ass out here! I walked with him out to the street and it smelled like a skunk had sprayed my house(the BUD smell was so strong!). I flashed on a remedy, and the smell of those leaves burning worked perfect!!! Luck to ya!
  3. i think i mighta figured that one out as well....we use mothballs to keep the cats outa our mulch.....thats some stinky s#$t
  4. Critter always says pour a small bowlful of vinegar in your grow space to keep the smell down. Maybe you can PM him to find out how to do it.
  5. kinda like the running bear thing criitter...surprise suprise suprise.:D jasmine creeper sounds perfect!....wouldnt happen to flower too as well as be smelly?? an fast growing would be the icing!
    i do plant marigolds....ah they stink but are purtey. didnt know they helped with bugs tho,. see, learnsomthing everyday :)....ok today i learned 2
    an since i DID bring up ther cats... eek i hate-em lol, my idea to cover the smell was to hang large bags of mothballs all over near the plants, since we throw it them our mulch
    (which is nowhere near the garden)an stff to keep the cats from poopin in it. moth balls be some stinky crap.....your jasmine sounds much more pleasing.
    thanks guys
  6. Jasmine here in the US is not going to be flowering when you need it to for outside growth. Try a pack of old fashioned four-o-clocks around your plant. They give out a pretty good covering odor late in the day when most folks are home and can notice the smell. Different herbs like mints and sages are also helpful.

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