Stealth LED blueberry grow. Help please! They look so sad!

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    Posted previously asking for recommendations for the grow room (search username to see previous set-up). Recently installed a ventilation duct with fan (12V) and removed foil as per suggestions. Air flow is exiting the room from the bottom. It's kind of difficult to see in the pictures. The wooden box on the bottom is not touching the floor so air (hopefully) is being pulled from the right side of our setup, down underneath it and out the vent on the bottom left (egg cartons to reduce noise). We successfully eliminated the population of spidermites but the girls can't seem to fully recover from the infestation and seem to be doing worse. The leaves have been wilted and yellowish for a week and a half; recently developed some purpling down the centre (see photos). Our temperature and humidity were around 24 degrees C and 40% respectively. Have just started using the CFL's, will post updates if this perks them up (This brings the temp up to 30 degrees C and drops humidity to 35%). Also, freshly transplanted into larger pots with new top soil (0.05-0.01-0.05). We have some hydroponic chemical we can mix into the soil if needed to alter the N-P-K ratio. pH has held steady at 6.5. Most of the root system at the periphery was white and filamentous, some little guys were greening slightly. Watering twice a day until soil is moist but not wet. Had been previously overwatering and assumed that to be the reason for the wilting. Changed watering habits a week ago but plants have not impoved. As for power, we are using an extension cord rated for 13A (orange) hooked up to a power bar with a fuse. Any and all help regarding our set-up and plants is greatly appreciated. Help save our girls!
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    Disregard the last picture, I'm bad at foruming and don't know how to take it off.

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    something to do with ur soil or water/nutrients i be
  3. Try to vent out out the top because hot air rises so you will get better temps. 30 is a tad to hot, try to lower it.. they look like they want nutrient what are you using??
  4. It looks like the temperature has kind of equalized to around 25 degrees. If that changes again we'll look into venting above. As for nutrients, we aren't using any yet. Our soil N-P-K ratio right now is 0.05-0.01-0.05. If we're going to mix up a solution, what ratio should we be heading for?
  5. I follow the directions on the nutes bottles but my friends say higher N less P and less K for veg and opposite for flowering..
  6. it looks like there's a major deficiency problem to me. Also your post says "We have some hydroponic chemical we can mix into the soil if needed to alter the N-P-K ratio".

    I've never heard of using hydro nutes in soil. I don't know if there's any difference but that stuck out to me. Also overall I just can't really say. Your issue is a mystery. Assuming your lights are fine, then the problem should be related to pH/nutrients. If you can trust your pH meter 100%, then it's an issue of PPM (don't forget that) or nutrient levels.
  7. Actually after reading your post again I'm thinking these plants may have just gone too far to recover.
  8. I have seen hydro nutes that say usable in all mediums. Soil and soiless and coco

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