Stealth Integrated Workbench/Growbox Idea!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by hippie john, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. I'm building a room 3.5' x 5' x 7.5' high. it has a 70" high door and a work bench on the far end that is 3.5' wide x 2' deep x 4' high.

    just under the workbench is a 3' wide x 2' deep x 2" high drawer. the drawer has trigger clasps (the kind you push in when the drawer is fully extended to remove the drawer).

    under the drawer is a false door that looks like a plain wood front. Its hinges are on the inside of the door and uses a swinging lever to hold the door in place,when the lever is engaged it holds the door shut by holding onto an O-plate on the inside of the door. when the lever is disengaged the door pops open via a medium dutyspring inside the cabinet that pushes on the door. to close the door simply push the door in and engage the lever. the lever could be disguised inside the wall by cutting out a hole about 6" square and making a flush door the go on it with extremely flat hinges and could be covered with an electrical chart, poster, ect.

    The outer wall will have 3 computer fans that blow air out through a pipe that exits through the roof (its always really windy around here so the smell lingering shoulnt be a problem). the pipe has numerous screens and filters inside and could have a strong smelling liquid, such as vinegar poured down every now and then to eliminate odor.

    The inner wall has 3 1" diameter pipes sucking air in from inside the shop. the pipes are not visible because the come out from the growbox and go into the inside of the wall, bend up 90 degrees and suck in air through a 1/2" crack at the bottom of the wall.

    The lights include a 400W HPS light (econogrow 400 from discount hydroponics) that is mounted on a peice of plywood inside the box that can be raised or lowered via chains by removing the drawer, and pulling the chain up through 4 1" holed drilled in the top of the box and hooked on 1" hooks sticking up from the top. around this light is 6 20W 1200lumen flourecent bulbs (screw-in). on the back wall is a single 2' double floro fixture for more light coverage.

    the fans are put on a switch and the lights on a timer. I personally build small robotics so a small gear motor could be mounted on a stand with a paperclip soldered to the end facing adjacent to the shaft and hits a small aluminum tube every 1/2 second to distact someone from hearing the sound of the computer fans.
  2. P.S. I hope to make a model on rhino to post some pictures to give you a better idea!:)
  3. Where and how much is that program your talking about ( rhino ) looks like a cool program

  4. Its called Rhinocerous, NURBS modeling for windows. you can buy it from

    its for making 3d models for prototyping, manufacture, and just to see what something is going to look like before you make it.

    If you want you could give me your email and I could try to send the setup program to you through there. I think the file is like 22.8 MB.
  5. this is as much of the model that i have so far

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  6. those are 7" dia. x 7" high pots.

    P.S. those brownish fuzzy areas are acually plywood. I set thier transparency at 50% to make it easier to see things.

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  7. Shes almost done!:smoke:

    I changed a couple things around. Got rid of the extra flourecents on top, used 3 fans each to suck in and blow out air, and instead of the drawer sliding out to raise the light, half of the counter top will fold up the reveil the raising chains. :smoking:

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  8. Does anyone know any good .gif creating/editing software that i can get for free? I want to make a gif image of the how the lever opens the door.
  9. that program so cool
  10. and the best part is that its easy to learn too! I had the basics mastered In about a week. room design only requires basic skills, such as, box, cylinder, boleen group/difference, and measuring. I have been using it about 3 years and have it about half mastered. and its really cheap for how powerfull it is, about 1/10th the cost of autocad and is much more user friendly.
  11. I'm also in the process of writing a program on that automatically makes rooms with all the studs and plywood for you, with the selection of what color the make each layer and wether you want the plywood set as opaque or semi-transparent. should be able to make a simple grow room by importing the lights and pots in in about 5 minutes:).

    dutaz, when I find my cd key and you get it running I'll send you some of my models so you can see them in 3d and make modifications to them or whatever.:):smoking:

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  12. Sadly, these are all the pictures I will be able to give you. Why Is that? My mother fucking computer crashed Last night. I lost ALL of my information. I was so damn pissed. All my rhino files, programs, everything. I felt like fuckin killin' somthing.:mad:
  13. Sorry to hear that , hope you can work out things
  14. Yeah, I guess Its like a new starting point or somethin'.:)

    Hey man, Did you get rhino working yet?:)

    almost forgot, this is my 200th post! Nothin special but I'm kindda proud.:)
  15. Whoa I bet that rhino comes in handy! Instead I've got to draw my ideas out.

    grats on 200
  16. hell yeah! I love rhinocerous, I love it like a son.:)

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