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Stealth Hydroponics Bubbleponics Kit

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by FUDupont, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Greetings GC, and happy Labor Day Weekend! Hope you have a chance to chill/blaze and enjoy. I'm getting closer and closer to growing my own, but I keep feeling the tug of hydroponics vs. soil. I'm a noob, never grown anything yet but am looking to start small and then expand. The most I ever realistically see myself growing is maybe 10 plants, I just don't have the space.

    But I do have the desire to produce some dank, stinky grape-stomper or widow. I definitely know I'll be growing some sort of indica. Ok, so here's the link to a hydro kit I found from Stealth Hydroponics. I'll be enclosing it in a grow tent in the basement.

    What do you think? I know I could create my own reservoir and get some netty pots locally. What I'm curious about is the lighting. Would these things actually grow any sort of bud? Would they be useful for starting some seeds, maybe 3 weeks? If these flouros work, wouldn't everyone have them vs. 600 watt HIDs? I'd be open to using a cfl for starting seeds but wouldn't I need to switch after a few weeks?

    What sayeth the City of Grass? It's just as useful for me to hear that this sort of setup sucks, so don't be shy. End result I'm after is dank, preferably 3-4 lbs from 5 plants. Thanks in advance! :wave:

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    i almost fooled myself into thinking i could grow 2 plants in the SHgrowreadykit, luckily i switched to 2 bubbleboy buckets instead from HTGsupply. dunno if i'll really need submersible water pumps thoh since the net is low
    drgrowrite led and 6.5'x3'x3' tent
  3. I went with the Stealth Hydro Bubbleponics kit. In my opinion, it's only good for growing small plants. This is because the netpots are so close together. You could just grow one plant in one of the Bubbleponics units, but, if I were you, and if I wanted to do DWC style growing, I would just start with the bubble buckets. But personally, I like ebb and flow the best so far. And this is because, to me, it seems to be the easiest way to use beneficial bacteria and fungi. I was taught that beneficials don't do well in DWC and so I just went with a small ebb and flow system. So many people, including myself, are complaining about slime and root-rot forming in their DWC units. So, for me, benefical bacteria and fungi is a must. It's supposed to keep root-rot away, even when reservoir temperatures go above the ideal temperature. It seems that Dutch Master ZONE protects the roots for some people... but not for me. If I wanted the ZONE to work, I would have to buy a water chiller. As for nutrients, I think that House and Garden might be the best nutrient line to use for my ebb and flow... because their Roots Excelureator and Drip Clean products that go with their nutrients. Check those out. Roots Excelurator is supposed to be the best, but not when using an air-pump and air-stone. And that's why I like ebb and flow; because, with ebb and flow, I don't think it's necessary to aerate the nutrient solution... thus making it possible to use Roots Excelurator. Regarding those CFL, "light banks" from Stealth Hydro, they are not powerful enough to grow a real Marijuana plant. I would go with an HID light. Peace.
  4. Hey did you ever get the Bubbleponics setup?

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