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  1. Ok so i have this design in my head of a large speaker box, like the old large ones that are like 4ft high and have a subwoofer, midrange and tweeter. My plan is to build it about 3 1/2 ft high and 15" wide 12" long. And have one 400 watt hps lamp with an air cooled cage. Im going to use a 120mm computer case fan and connect it to blow through the hps light cage and out of a port in the speaker box. ANd using a passive intake on the bottom of the box. Im planning on growing just one plant in it with a small dwc system with a 5" net pot.

    But one of my main concerns is that this is going to be a fuctional speaker box still, the movement of the speakers or sound isnt going to damage the light or the plant is it?

    heres my poorly drawn sample
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    hey i did a speaker grow....but it was soil with CFL's......that might be the way to go with something that small. when i was building mine i was thinknig i could fit alot more in there than i could. im not so sure about a functioning speaker.....theres wires and stuff inside that could get wet. id just take all that out and make a fake door like i did. ya sorry the pictures are sideways....the speaker was about 4 ft tall i think and that fan at the bottom is an intake fan and i had one at the top taking air out. on for 30 mins off for 30mins whenever the lights were on

    good luck:smoking:

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  3. nice setup :smoke: thats pretty much what im going to do, im going to use cfl's also now hps will get it too hot

    whats your yeilds from your setup?
  4. hey that was my first grow so i didnt really know what i was ended up being a male. my problem was letting it veg for like a month. when i did switch to 12/12 i relized it was a male and it overgrew the bx in ike 2 days after that.start from 21/12 in 20oz bottles (dr. bud style) and you should be fine. good luck....if possible id just get a 2x2 foot cabinet....the peaker was a little too small:smoke:
  5. just a thought mate, woodent the speakers bein active create a vibration for your plants and toughen them up a bit, could be good for them, might have to be careful about the volume tho... n yeah, watch the wire's
    id be intrested to see how it goes tho!
  6. ya actually i found an article on google about it

    and it claims that the effects of sound energy increases the plants yeild, i heard of the old myth of playing classical music to plants but i thought it was just a myth. But in this setup the plants are inside of the speaker box. And of coarse speakers produce sound waves in a 180 degress both ways of the speaker (front and back). So it will be exposed to a very high amount of sound energy in the enclosed box. Im going to build 2 identical speaker boxes and use one and let one sit and for my 1st grow see if the yeids are different.
  7. ya the reason i took my speaker out of the cabinet was because i had a door that i was building on the front and the back coil part of the speaker would have taken up alot of potential grow space in the speaker. cause the plants will get big if your not careful. like i said try 20oz bottles:smoking:
  8. ya im going to use a small hydroponic system
    ill post my entire build soon
  9. haha oh yea.... the title says hydroponic speaker box.....well good luck i cant wait to see how this comes along
  10. seems a gd test mate. not sure about different types of music tho :p keep us posted!
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  12. I'm actualy doing this right now in a 3 foot tall, on the inside. And it is an active speaker with a fake door on the back I'm using a mixture of CFL and LED I've just started but will have pics later

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