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stealth hydroponic nutrients

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by darthvapor420, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. so i just ordered my stealthy bubbleponics kit from stealth hydro and it was at my door in 48 hours (crazy) but what i was wondering is what the micro nutrient is obviously the grow is for veg and the bloom is for flower but it doesnt really say what a decent amount to add is so i was wondering if any of you have used this same set up and what schedule you kept the girls on nutrient wise pleez help
  2. I've always used a 2 part system (Floranova) so I don't have to deal with that stuff, but as I understand it you need to use the Micro throughout your grow.

    You add it to the Grow nutes, and you add it to the Bloom nutes.
  3. im answering questions on your other post. obviously you have some reasearch to do. i mean no offence but you should do some basic reading. you are a bit aahead of your self. search "ask lucas" it is a great post. its the first one on google search. in the signature area he has a link to geting started in hydro. another great post. it will help you find your lighting exaust and various other stuff based on your medical requirements.
  4. Most defiantly wert that's why I'm here 3 days ago I was blank without the help of u and grasscity I'd be lost so no offense taken ill def. read it any other insight fell free to throw it at me
  5. get a ppm meter and give your girls 100- 200ppms as seedlings, 200-400 in veg, and more if they are eating a lot.
  6. i have the same system. pretty overpriced imho, shouldve just done bubble bucket. i wait till 2-3 sets of leaves to come in before i start feeding it the micro and grow nutes. but when you do start, get a half gallon of ph'd water, and poor in the micro. shake and mix the micro in that half gallon until completely dissolved. then add the bloom to that micro solution, and do shake/mix it till completely dissolved. then check the ph again. i change the RO water and add more nutes every 10-14 days. then once i start flowering i change the RO water once a week, and do the same concept but with bloom instead of grow. hope that made sense lol
  7. just got back from the hydro store and pot my ppm meter and my ph meter and thank both of you for the advice and yes it made sense
  8. what size lights does that come with?
  9. 2 150w CFL's one blue spectrum one red spectrum. but you can upgrade the lights for more $$$
  10. do you get to run them at the same time or one at a time. it seems like a small amount of light if you only run one at a time
  11. you can run them both at once. it comes with a extension cord with 3 outlets
    and they come with reflectors and clamps. they are actually really good lights, save a lot of energy, and are very low heat, so you dont have to worry about burning anything
  12. First of all, you should know about the hydroponics nutrients which growing faster than traditional gardening. In addition, plants grown in hydroponic system, if you need more than plants grown in the soil much less space. Basically, you grow box will provide rapid growth and use a small amount of space. The plant will grow tall, but their level of interaction.
  13. Wert it did come with those lights but I order the 90 watt UFO 5 spectrum and I think I'm gonna try the Lucas method it sounds easy for a beginner and I'm gonna do a SOG
  14. good call on using the lucas formula. all you will need to do is keep your res topped off and ph correct. weekly water changes. dont go over the 5ml micro 10 ml bloom per gallon with that ufo or cfl or else you risk overfertilizing. thats around 600 ppm on a .5 scale hanna meter.
    if you are going to do a sog you will need to get some clones. try to get all one type. other wise you will have uneven growth and are more likely to have problems.
    with clones in a new set up i recomend doing a neem dip when ou buy them to prevent bringing in pests and disease

    if i was you i would run all thre of those lights during flower. you wil get more growth= more medicine at the end.
  15. so do the 5 micro and 10 bloom for the seedlings or the whole time??? and i have the same exact meter as you and great idea on using all three at the end didnt even think about it ive said it once before and ill say it again wert your a genius

  16. first off thank you for the complement.

    as far as the nute strength. a 4-8 mix should be fine for a seedling after 10-14 days. the first 10 to 14 days you need to use pure ro water. after that you want to use no more than then 500 ppms to start. im just restating what i read on this one. the only time i did seedling was in soil. i have never done them in hydro. i use clones only i have a strain i like and dont plan on geting a new strain for a while.

    i think i recommended to u to use clones in that hydro set up if you have access to them. i think seedling will out grow your lights and the small res. plus if you get a male its roots will be tangled with the others plus you will have an empty spot.

    as far as the 5-10 per gallon. you might be able to move that up a nit if you use the 90 watt ufo plus the two 85 watt cfl. that sounds like enough light to support close to 8-16 not positive just make a grow log and take lots of pictures other people and me will be able to tell you if you are under ferting or over ferting or doing fine. there are lots of people to help you if you ask for help. make a growlog and update often. have a personal log in the grow room area and record daily you ph and ppm after topping off and any adustment you make. if you have any issues you know what you did and can make changes. proper logs make for good grows and make it easier to diagnose problems. i have humitidy and temp controllers. if i didnt i would log those also,
  17. so im reading about cloning right now i went to my buddys and hes had a subscription to high times for years i borrowed em all its like a text books worth of knowledge haha ive done only soil in the past and never had success with cloning ive only had one other grow and it was with a feminzed skywalker but with no clone success im willing to try again i think your totally right about the seedlings and i dont wanna risk a male in the res. that is for sure so what im thinkin about doing is setting up one mother in soil and taking cuttings off of her and going from their ya it'll take a bit longer but time is on my side and in the long run quailty is the goal not quanity

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