stealth hydro bubbler good or bad ?

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  1. do these produce truly better yeilds than other methods ?
    any body used one ?
    does it mater that roots live together growing multiple plants ?
  2. do these produce truly better yeilds than other methods ? [its just DWC with a top feed]

    any body used one ? [I've done a dwc with a top feed. Did good till the roots started growing into the line]

    does it mater that roots live together growing multiple plants ? [No, but keep in mind, if something goes wrong in the res its going to effect every plant.]

  3. thanks for that , theres a lot to consider when attempting this method i see, i made a system but with no top feeder just airstones, i had water issues and damaged my plants !
    i had used tap water ! added nutes far to early causing my roots to fall off! plants cutled down and leaf edges burned
    i would give it another go but im reserching and asking questions this time. i was told lol that one plant in the bubbler will give me a minimun of 2 oz worst case senario dried ?
  4. This all depends on your setup. You could get up to 5lbs from one plant. It all depends on your lights, air, co2, nutes etc. There is too many variables to put a sure number on it.
  5. i understand we shall see what happens

    250w cfl big bulb for veg, 15 gallon res ,distilled water, ph 6.3 , high power air pump running 4 airstones , 4 x netpots in each corner , gro space 1.6 meters length, 1 meter width, hight 8 feet .
    cold air intake ,
    exhaust outlet
    temp 65 degrees
  6. You don't want your pH that high for hydroponics. It is best you let the pH fluctuate between 5.3 and 6.0 so that they can get everything in the nutrient mix you put in. Anything lower or higher you will start to lock out nutrients and your girls will definitely let you know it. The 6.3 to 7.0 pH is more for soil grows. Also 65F. for your temperature is a bit low. You want your reservoir to be 65F. and you want the top air to run in the 70s.
  7. thanks , i shall adjust my ph and remember what you have said i actualy had it too low and they did let me no lol , also my temps are where you said best to be , i swapped the 250w for a dual spec 400w so temps are up ,when i said i was atempting to try this method i was told its a lot of work and now im seeing what they ment ! im not seeing segnificant growth so hope this improves my chances of sucsess, many thanks again
  8. Patience is the key element of growing hydro my friend. I too was very anxious in the beginning, so anxoius that I almost killed them myself. Give them time and they will greatly reward you in the end. Look up this post in here in grasscity ( ) It has a chart in the very beginning that you should definitely print and keep it near your grow. I did and it has saved me many times. Good luck bro :D
  9. im going to save it right now ! i know i need to be patient so im going to chill out lol thanks

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