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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by southernguy, May 25, 2006.

  1. I was thinking of buying an off the shelf stealth growing cabinet and I was looking at the PC Planter as that would fit my budject, has anyone used one with satisfaction? Is there a better or more bang for the buck unit. Thanks
  2. Not familiar with that, can you post a link? What price?

    Generally pre-made grow cabs are mucho expensive compared to building your own or just buying some sort of armoire or storage unit from Home Depot or WalMart and such and then retro-fitting it.
  3. I'm not sure where you live, but I live in or near a major city. I'm a scavenger for free shit and I admit it. I use this site: to get free stuff to make cabinets, and sometimes people will give fluoros away for free too or lamps that I can take apart to just the socket and cord (Thats why I'm a big fan of free chandeliers!!! 5 sockets to one ;) ) Just go to the site and on the right hand side you'll see a list of cities, pick the one closest to you and then you'll see a FOR SALE SECTION, click FREE. You'll see a list of all the free stuff people are giving away in your area. All you'll really need is something to go pick it up in and some gas. If you don't have a car maybe you could coax one of your friends into taking you for a couple of bucks gas and a promise to smoke him out when you're done!!!! Peace and good luck bro!
  4. fridge, without insides....2 or 3 and deep freeze for mummy or 2 mummies, all incarserated within the nice large white normal house hold appliances....easy to work with, easy to clean, easy to maintain. most importantly, easy to lock up and secure. Good grow technique with this, SCROG with the use of bubble buckets....very good tutorials on this site.!
  5. exactly what I'm building atm :D
    Pick one with smaller box at the top & u can grow a few nice mothers in the smaller compartment. Mine has 2 on top & 9 below = only 56watts!
    Still work in progress but nice so far :D Hasp & Staple ftw ;)

  6. Homegrown Hydroponics has a much better PC Grow Box. Actually they have two. The original which is the one I have, and I guess they have a bigger one now too..
  7. How much bud were you able to produce with pc planter?

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