Stealth grow questions

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  1. Stealth grow in a space that's ~ 4ft tall/3ft wide/1.5ft deep and I'd like to do DWC, so I'm trying to get the most out of the space and had some questions I was hoping more experienced growers could help with.

    1. How tall does the bucket need to be? Do I have to get a container that's about as deep as a 5-gallon bucket, or can I go with a shallower one?

    2. Can I afford to grow more than one plant in this space? I was hoping to do 3-5 w/ scrog.

    3. As far as lighting goes, will MH or HPS be too hot for the amount of space? I figure even with scrog, the plants will need to grow up to a couple inches from the lights, so would CFLs be better?

    4. How can I regulate temp/humidity in the small space? Can I just afford to run my vent fan and check the thermometer regularly?

    5. I'm planning on putting a carbon filter on my vent fan to mask the smell (can't have roommates finding out), where is the best place to vent in a small space like this?

    6. Anyone know a good procedure for stealthy cycling of res. water?

    Any help is much appreciated!
  2. your inline filter and fans in the small place should keep things reletivly cool. but worsed comes to worse you can get another fan that will hang on something you can tie as a rafter. get creative. trial and error

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