Stealth grow: noise/smell concerns - please advise

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  1. So I'm going to be growing in a 3'x5'x8' closet and I was wondering how worried I should be about noise that would be created by a bubble bucket or carbon scrubber. I don't need my super conservative housemates wondering why so much noise is coming from my room.

    Granted I haven't constructed a DWC unit yet to see how much noise it will create, I was thinking if I draped a thick blanket over my grow box and also hung towels or blankets on the walls, that might muffle the noise sufficiently.

    Also I was wondering how much noise those can-fan carbon scrubbers create. Or, if an air purifier/ionizer outside of the closet would be the way to go since they are cheaper and I'm only going to be growing one plant at a time anyway. Plus I could put a couple bags of those odor absorbing lava rocks inside the closet to assist the purifier in odor control.

    Any thoughts? Is my thinking on the right track? All advice welcome!
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    if you have housemates living under the same roof that cannot know about it then do not grow.

    They'll find out eventually if you're using a 3x5x8 closet, either because the power goes out or the breaker breaks one day and the carbon filter stops running and the house stinks up, or they see you carrying buckets of water into your room, or your room and part of the house suddenly gets nice and humid, or they see you carrying in things from the car some day like hydroton and air pumps and carbon filters and fans and lights... Trust me, grows last months, and at some point or another every one under the same roof becomes aware of them, even in the smallest of scales a lot of the times.

    I would reconsider doing it at all or if you still want to go through with it telling them about it and asking for their complete privacy and quiet in exchange for some smoke.
  3. the bucket is nearly silent. if you put a towel or blanket under the pump motor you will be o.k. . however most all good carbon scrubbers come with a 165cfm or better inline fan. and they are too loud for nosey roomates. if you suspend it from the ceiling its a little quiter yet probably too loud to call stealth(like a hairdryer on lowest setting). crazy how you have to hide your plants from people huh? if you were growing organic homegrown food, then people would give you respect.:) but if its MJ you get ridiculed shunned and probly thrown in jail.:mad: anyway good luck!
  4. lol. i forgot all about the carrying buckets of water in and out of your room!!! thats really a dead giveaway. nobody thinks that bat guano,fish emulsion, worm castings, bone meal, blood meal, and molasses mixed with water is an energy drink!
  5. Hehe, I'm not naive enough to be carrying things like that around while people are present but still... I see your points and greatly appreciate your input.

    Do you think though that an air purifier/ionizer in conjunction with any other items would be enough to control the smell of one plant? I would be growing auto-flowering dwarfs so they would be short cycles and low plant matter. Just curious.
  6. Try some "ONA". I have 1 easy ryder 4 weeks into flowering and 1 small $10.00 can pretty much elimates the odor.

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  7. are you using a clothes or storage closet? if you are then i would say dont grow b/c its not sealed and the reek of fresh flowering herb will make it thruout the house. but if you have a grow tent, a carbon scrubber/inline combo, and some ona gel. then you could pull it off. one thing you could do to hide the humming of the filter is to always run a boxfan or oscilatting fan in your room. works great to mask noise.:wave:
  8. Would I be able to put ONA stuff right in the grow box next to the plant or does it give off an odor of it's own?
  9. put the ona block in front of the intake fan of your grow box. u want the fan to blow across the block.
  10. grow a strain w/ low odor is a suggestion...or...if you feel(in any sense) that you could get caught, then its prob. not worth risking it at this point. you say super conservative roomates and thats just un-nerving.
    not trying to talk you out of it, but be wary.

    plug-ins are your friend as is the air wick canister that goes off every 8-30 min or so, on the outside of the closet(both at wal-mart)...inside as smokinJ says use the ona.

    the fan on the outside of the closet is solid advise as well.
  11. Could you recommend some lower odor strains? Or perhaps some sweet smelling strains that could be misleading with their scent?
  12. Poison Dwarf(auto-northern light#2xruderalis)

    shiskaberry(canada)smells like a bowl of berries/sweet fruit, by far the best smelling i have ever touched. look around for some "berry" strains.

    northern lights is supposed to be low odor, and potent to boot. ive grown nl/bb by nirvana and it really didnt have a lot of smell considering the buds get decent sized.

    theres some strains that have lemon/citrus scent to them...
  13. Thanks everyone for all the advice! (+ reps all around)

    I think I'm properly equipped now to get the ball rolling!

    Thanks again! Look for my grow journal in a month or two!

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