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    hi, i was making a stealth dresser at my old house but i just moved to a town house and i live in the basement. so i started growing in my dresser that wasn't finished ( no intake fan or outtake fan) and its a lil small. so should i remain growing in it or should i take it out once it gets as big as it can in it, then put it in a closet with diff lights and a fans, and start a new grow in the box so i always have one going. here are some pics. any suggestions?[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Yeah, I would suggest you keep the in there for now, and make a separate flowering area. That way you can keep clones or seedlings in veg in the drawer and have a bigger flowering area. Then you would have the possibility of a continuous grow with your favorite plants.
  3. Thats what i was thinking of doing, the only problem is going to find that space for the flowering room, one that is light proof for when i start 12/12
  4. Yeah you'll definitely need some more space. How about a closet? It seems you want to keep it a stealth grow.
  5. yea i have a few closets downstairs i was looking at but its hard to choose which one to use.
    and stealth would just be easier when having ppl over. dont have to worry about somthing happening to them.

    should i cut holes and try to find some fans for my dresser ? or just leave it and opening the door once in a while to see if they need water will help, it does have some light leaks so air can get out. its not very hot inside which is good right now since no fans.
  6. here are the two closets i was thinking of, but the one with the double doors is only like 2 feet deep. and the other one, has those hinged doors so light will leak out. not sure what to do[​IMG][​IMG]

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