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  1. Thanks for checking out my first post! I had an old fridge that stopped working and I decided to put my DIY skills to work. The unit was actually an old freezer with freon cooling racks that I removed as safely as I could (well ventilated area, crimped the freon tubes either side of cuts). I tried my best to keep it clean and professional looking... The footprint is just under 4 sqft and about 40" tall. I drilled 2 4" holes in the bottom for intake and exhaust fans (exhaust is plumbed to the top to remove as much hot air as possible). The fans are 4" inline duct fans that push 80cfm. I wanted to keep it as stealthy as possible so I plumbed all venting through the bottom where I removed the old freezer compressor so I can hide a can filter setup. For lighting I snagged a 3 light bathroom fixture ($5) that I have "Y"s running 2 4100k 150w eq, 2 6500k 100w eq and 1 6500 60w eq (that I plan to upgrade w/ larger cfl's) for the initial veg. I'm at about 9200 lumens total. I made the light shroud out of the leftover 4" duct. I have tons of seed from a friends lost crop that is not bad smoke (price is right too) and planted 26 in one of those "jiffy" kits... I will pic 4-6 to keep and the rest will eventually go outdoors. So far, without plants in it the temp averages between 84-92f... Feel free to share input...


    I'm going to try to add my pics (still getting use to the site)

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