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Stealth grow box

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Fuzzydevil, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. My idea for stealth grow box...

    Using 3 2 foot flourescents. 2 softwhite, and 1 flowering specific light. (think thats right)

    Box is 3w x 4l x 3h. Sowing about 8 seeds and weed out the males forcing each plant to flower on one branch at about 2 months or about 8" whichever comes first. And weed all but 1 male. Using about 8 inches of soil should give me about 20 gallons of soil or so. Continually clip back the male so it does not grow to large and take up any space and allow the females to grow vertically up to when each hits a wooden bar set in the box. Then using twist ties have the weed grow along the stick. This will increase the plant lengths about 2 feet with most of the plants finishing the vege stage at 4-6 feet. During the vege stage the plants will be in 24/0 and will slowly decrease over a week to 13/11 give it another 2 weeks decrease it to 12/12 and leave it that way pulling the male plant and using it to polinate only 1 or 2 female flowering branches for seeds couple weeks before harvest keeping it frozen until then in a ziplock baggy. The CO2 will be maintained using a gallon milk container with yeast/sugar/water mix. Its proven and it works well and its cheap. All light will be sealed in, planning to use sticky velcro along the box and the back of the lights so ya can adjust the lighting along the side of the box as needed since all of the light will be sealed in the box should be WELL enough for 4 or so 5 foot plants, even though it doesnt seem like it. Combined with the white siding of the box should work out well... Think that about covers it.

    Oh and as for why its so stealthy, you can just put the lid on and cover it with a bunch of heavy boxes and noone will know the difference.

  2. what about vents? ur gonna need plenty of ventilation, and even if it looks stealthy, your still gonna smell the room up when u go to flower.. and why keep males???? u dont want seedy bud? or do u? lol I go for no seeds, bud = more potent when there are no seeds...
  3. I actually want some seeds for the next crop this is bag grown(hence why only 1 or two of the FLOWERS of ONE of the females will be seeded not all), as as for ventalation the only reasons why you need it are as follows... CO2 which in this case is produced artifically, and smell. I keep the room VERY VERY well ventilated because I smoke anyway so when I go to water them it shouldnt be a problem, H O W E V E R, you are right in case of flowering I will need to ventilate it some more (maybe)
  4. That few of flouros arn't going to grow your plants very well. One reason is, chances are you'll be using magnetic ballasts instead of electronic. Magnetic compared to electronic, flickers slowly. Where as the electronic flicker very fast enough the plants won't really notice. Plus, three bulbs arn't going to put out alot of lumens. They will put out ~9k lumens at the most. But thats only if you use the really expensive bulbs. You may want to think about putting in at least 3 more, or get a HPS light. They arn't that expensive. Plus, for your small space you'll only need a 150w light.

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