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  1. hi guys&girls

    so after a few months of research i decided to plan for a guerrilla grow this year
    but plans have changed as im leaving the country for a year october sort of time. :hello:

    i want to get my first successful grow under my belt before i go,
    heres what i have to work with, what it has to look like when its all hidden away and my simple layout plan.

    i plan to remove the bottom and the back of each draw but keep the sides so they can slide in and out without touching the plant(s)

    my problem is the only way im going to be able to get into it is by the draws at the front and as it is its not very air tight so i need a way of keeping the front looking exactly how it did before but making sure its air tight and there are no light leaks. i considered attaching the 3 draws together so it slides as one object then lining the edges of the draws with plasterboard or something similar all the way to the floor.
    hope you can understand my drawings :p

    what do you guys think?

    oh and how hot do 125w cfl and 250w cfls get? i dont really want it all setting alight.

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  2. man i was thinking the same thing, i also have a dresser that is big enough to do the same, but since im new to growing i dont know much on whats needed. im highly interested, keep me posted once you start; tips will help a lot. good luck!
  3. I had 3 125w cfls in my grow (wood box) with about of foot of space extra in each area and even with 4 pc fans cooling it it was running at 85-105 degrees. long story short my bubbleponics system got root rot they died i switched to led and now they're growing faster and getting better branchs/bigger leaves. with those dimensions though you'de have to start flowering a plant at around 6-8 inches and with cfls your not looking at much for your harvest. go soil in there though it'll be much easier to manage and alot easier going for a first time grow. past that you'll need to cut some holes for pc fans wire them up get some light traps and get your lighting system in. (make sure the bulbs are sideways for extra height). your best bet would be to find a flower room for them to go into thats a bit bigger.
  4. Try to remove the bottom ans back of the drawers and put weather stripping around the edges but on the drawers themselves

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