Stealth grow this set up ok?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kiwibelg, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. After getting two free plants and letting them grow outside, the weather in europe has turned
    very shitty and cold.The larger plant is way too big for indoors now.My smaller plant got attacked outside by some bugs and the leaves suffered (see pics) so i flushed it replaced the soil and i'm getting new growth.
    So, i have decided to grow one of the plants indoors.the wife was sweet about it so that's all good.
    Here's my amateur's about 3.2ft x 2.2ft , i have a small fan going and a 100watt lamp for light.The inside will be painted flat white today and a cpu fan will be installed for extraction.
    Do i need to add more height to my box ?
    Is 100watt sufficient or do i need an extra light source?
    How can i keep her height compact?
    Is this girl going to be ok?



  2. good luck with that plant. It sure looks like it has been through some hard times. The box looks like it will work with the modification you've described. You will definitely need more light. A minimum of 3000 lumens but more is better. Compact Florescent bulbs are what I'm using (6 of them).

    You can train the stem over and around your pot (search on LST) to keep the height manageable
  3. considering the shape that your plant is in, i would just grow that one till you can take a few clippings and clone. then lst like oldchool said to solve your hight issure. and cfl all the way with that bos.

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