Stealth Grow 1 Fem Quicksilver 2 Auto AK47's (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Deleted member 30133, Oct 9, 2010.

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  2. Shittt! that is such a tight setupp
  3. wow such a nice grow:)
    wish i had that set up:p
  4. Very clean and professional. i like it! Looks like you have been doing your research. Your going to want more wattage (2700k) when you flower but for now it looks great!

    good luck, ill be sitting down for this one.

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    Tim Allen ftw.
  6. you could also make a reflector pretty easily. Just tack some mylar or white plastic to the tops of the pvc. the light would get reflected back onto the plants a lot better.
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  8. Very nice setup. You took what was available and turned it into a stealthly little grow cabinet, nice work.
    I agree, a simple reflector above your lights would significantly increase the light hitting your ladies. That would be a plus.
  9. Yep ..... like I said before this is a nice simple clean set up.....

    I did notice some discoloration on the perlite from what I'm
    going to assume was tap water with high PPM.

    I was gonna say zona or vada .... I got the same crap tap but
    your in right field (MA) so wassup with the water? Too early
    for nutes so is the water out there that hard?
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    :hello: AWESOME, i was just posting the 2 possible options of storage possibilities here

    and a fellow member pointed out this thread where u're using the 2nd box :wave: Looks like that is what I'll be going with too.

    Couple of questions, what did u use to place directly behind the door? The thing I am talking about is in your 3rd image. Did u build that out of styrofoam?

    How big are your flower pots? I see you have 3 in there. I'm going with just 2 pots
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    Props on the setup, I've been planning for a while now and I think I found what I'm looking for. This is the exact size I was envisioning, and your lighting rig looks perfect. I have a few questions if you don't mind answering for me:

    With the lighting rig, I'm interested in knowing exactly what you used for the sockets. I plan on having 8 CFL's exactly like yours, but I'm not sure what to do with the wiring. Am I going to have to purchase sockets and wire them myself in some form of parallel circuit, or did you find sockets that have normal cords with plugs in them?

    Edit: I found these online ( They look pretty cheap, and exactly what I was looking for, do you recommend them?

    In regards to the fans, I plan on purchasing 2 4-6" fans, one for exhaust and one for intake. I was originally planning on getting a pair of computer case fans, and figuring out how to wire them with an old cell phone charger. I noticed that you linked the cord & fan used in an earlier post. Does that mean you have the fans plugged directly into the power strip?

    Another question about the fans: How did you light-proof them? Did you simply cut out a whole in the back of the Reflectix & cabinet and place the fan in the hole?

    Very impressive man, I am VERY excited to replicate your setup.
  14. Thanks for the compliments, The sockets I used i bought from home depot they were like $5 each they had a silver hood on them that unscrews i just ziptied the cords together and plugged them all into the power strip, the sockets in the link you listed look good they will work.

    I have 2 pc fans hooked up to 1 12v old phone charger I use them for blowing on the plants and i have a 105cfm axial fan for exhaust I have that plugged into the wall so its on all the time and I used 2 passive intakes and put ducting elbows on the intakes and outake and spray painted the inside black so no light would get out.

    You're going to need a decently strong fan to take the air out of the cab because even with my exhaust fan the temps are still a little high (80 degrees) 8 cfls get pretty hot, I would use the 2 fans you're getting for exhaust and just cut 2 passive intakes you dont really need fans blowing into the box the exhaust fan will make negative pressure and pull air through the intake holes
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  16. Glad to see this case finally in action. Subbed.
  17. Dude SICK setup!
    also a few questions if you dont mind. What did you use for those refelctors? and the fans, is the top on for sucking out the air and the bottom for bringin in air?
    also do you think that this setup would work for a LED panel and a high wattage CFL?
  18. 80 degrees is pretty high. I am thinking I might want to go with a higher CFM than the one you posted. Anybody have any suggestions on a 120+ CFM axial fan?
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  20. how did you light proof where the holes were for the intake and exhaust?

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