Stealth fish tank joint dr diesel X low ryder

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by lceman420, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. im looking for ideas on what im working with...i ordered low ryder / diesel and have a 400 watt hps, 4x18 carbon output 130 cfm, i will line the walls with mylar as well this is just a start i will keep this thread updated as time progresses

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  2. So are you planning an aquaponics grow with fish waste as fert.. or a bubbler type grow??? What will be the medium???
  3. pretty sure he's using the area underneath the fish-tank though I could be wrong.
  4. Looks like a cool space, seems like CFL's are better for small stealth grows like that though, becouse they dont get as hot, and can be right up against the plant which alows for maximum growth.
  5. that might work but no. medium will be expanded clay pellets in net basket with lava rock layer on bottom. i made this thread for suggestions (upgrades)and ideas as to an ideal solution to the scarcity of good chronic. so far im planning out a hydroponic setup that will include two 48'' long 6'' wide pvc pipes on a 12*(Degree) Decline drip and drain system suspended from the top of the wall with a 400 watt hps (superiour lumen out put as to cfl) plus its in a cool basement and the air that will get drawn in will come from the ground up ( basement ground is cool ) the more you put in. the more you get out. ill keep this thread up dated throughout the season any suggestions or help is appriciated. 786 3473
  6. sounds cool(no pun intended) have you had results with cfl? or anybody for that matter? please enlighten me

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