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    Hi everyone. I am starting a stealth grow soon inside a dresser. I'm going to be converting the dresser into a stealth grow box during the next couple of days. I bought the dresser on craigslist for $20.

    Dresser dimensions: 23 3/4"wide 15" deep, 42 1/2" tall. Its not a large space to grow in, but I will probably only grow 1 or 2 plants in it so it will do just fine for my needs.

    I'm planning on removing the drawer faces and creating a door with them. That way the entire front of the dresser will open like a door. I also want to build some type of locking mechanism into it. That way I can lock it when I'm not around. So far I just picked up the dresser and have looked it over trying to get a plan together on how I'm going to make the door. Tomorrow I will be making the door and sealing all the seams with silicon.

    I was thinking about lining the inside with mylar, but I can't find any anywhere, where is the easiest place to get mylar? Except at a grow shop, because there aren't any around here. If I can't get any mylar, I was just going to pait the inside flat white.

    The first picture is of the dresser, and the second is of the inside with the drawers taken out. I'll post an update tomorrow after I work on it.

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  2. The dresser will do the job but my advice is try to keep ur cost at minimal if this is ur first time, aluminum foil will do the job as good as the mylar, what type of lighting r u planning to use ?

  3. I thought I wasn't supposed to use aluminum foil because it absorbs more light than flat white paint and can cause hot spots. I might be wrong though. I'm planning on using CFL's. How many actual watts should I use for 2 plants? I was planning on starting with 2 plants and odds are one of them will end up male, then I will pull it. If both are female then I'll just flower both.

    This is my first real grow so I'm just using bagseed. I germinated two seeds already and planted them tonight. I figure I still have a day or so before they sprout so I will probably make the light fixture tomorrow too.

  4. Check my postings I'm growing 2 plants with 2 CFL 27Watts (100Watts equivalent) Daylight Spectrum and my babies are growing fast and healthy, sometimes people here make others believe that growing is impossible, but remember if you can grow tomato u can grow weed.
  5. I designed a simple light fixture setup that I can build with the leftover wood parts from the dresser drawers. It will use 6 25watt cfls.

    This should be enough for 2 plants right?

    Here is a simple computer model of what I was thinking of doing. Will this use the light efficiently?

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  6. Good news, another seed popped open today so I am going to plant that one too. I don't know if I will have room for three plants in the dresser, but I'll probably have to pull at least one when they show sex, so right now the more the better. The first two haven't sprouted yet, so I still have time to finish the box. What do yall think of my light fixture idea?
  7. Ok heres an update on my grow so far. I have three seeds germinated and planted in small pots and will transplant to bigger ones later. They haven't sprouted yet, I planted them yesterday.

    The grow box is coming along too. I am going to seal the inside and paint it flat white today and also construct the light fixture. I also want to get the door built today, but I ran into a small problem when I was looking at some hinges to buy. Normally when a door opens outwards the hinges are on the outside too. I don't want the hinges on the outside because I want it to be stealth. Any suggestions on some hinges or other method of making the door open without anything noticeable on the outside?

    I'll update tonight with pictures of the build so far.
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    Leave the hinges on the outside, paint the whole thing black, and throw a pair of old, disgusting-looking jeans over the hinges when you're not around. Not only will it cover the hinges, it'll help explain any escaped odors, and I guarantee nobody will touch the cabinet.

  9. I thought about painting it black today when I was working on it. I used particle board for the door because I had a piece laying around. There are small 1/2 in gaps between the drawers so I was going to just stain it the color of the dresser. The stain ended up being too dark and didn't match the color of the dresser so I just painted the gap brown and I'm going to see if it looks ok. If it still doesn't look good, then I'm just going to paint it all black. The black will also help hide the intake and exhaust if someone were to just glance back there.

    I picked up two pc fans today. 1 80mm 35cfm for the intake, and 1 120mm 85cfm for the exhaust. I figure that when I get the carbon filter on the exhaust it will constrict the airflow to probably equal with the 80mm.

    I only took a couple of pictures today because I didn't get as much work done as I had hoped. The first picture is the plywood cut for the door, and the second is the beginnings of my light fixture.

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  10. I did alot of work on my grow box today. I painted the inside flat white, and cut the holes for the ventilation fans. I finished the light fixture and wired it all up, but one socket won't work so I have to figure out where I wired it wrong. Then I finished the door and put it on. The door looks and works great.

    I also had one of my plants sprout today also. It looks really pale, is this normal?

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  11. Everything normal...may be u should spray only a bit of water.

    Ur light fixture is interesting, i'm developing something similar ..u only try it and look how it does work..i think good. Cover the inside part of ur fixture with aluminium foil so to optimize the reflection of ur bulbs..

    Don't forget fan for air blowing..2 PC fan would work perfectly..;)

    Nice set up, good luck!

  12. Yeah I was planning on making some reflectors for the light fixture. I have 2 pc fans already, I just haven't put them on it yet. The intake fan is a 80mm 35cfm fan, and the exhaust is a 120mm 85cfm fan. I'm putting a bigger one on the exhaust because I'll have a carbon filter on it later.

    Tomorrow I'm going to finish the light fixture and the ventilation.
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    ;) good job!

    I am not in the position to suggest anything to anyone :) but..if u want work at the best temp, if u can it would be important if u can take ur cf outside of ur box ;) And may be don't connect it directly to fan, but use a short intake.

    Go ahead..!

    If u want to get a look to my last baby..i've posted few pics..

    With a space like ur, i would grow a single plant..sativa dominant..Scrogging :D or anyway training she under screen :)


  14. Thanks. Converting a dresser was alot more work than I thought it was going to be. The door is really tricky to get right.

    I am just growing some bagseed right now until I feel comfortable with spending money on seeds. I've been collecting seeds from my bags for a year now and have a few, so I'm just going to grow as many of those as I can and then invest in some good genetics. I like indica dominant strains myself, but I think my dresser should be tall enough to handle a sativa strain if I LST it pretty good. My sprout is looking pretty good, and has sprouted its first set of true leaves last night. I can't take a picture of it because my camera stopped working for some reason so I will post a picture of it later.

    Once I get my grow box done and my plant in there, I'll start a grow journal.
  15. damn good stuff man im debating on doing the same as you but with a cabinet or dresser
    ino i wil need to get two cpu fans for intake and outtake ventilation and use mylar to reflect the light.. where can i buy the fans im going to have my electrician buddy set them up for me cuzz i have not a clue as to what to do lmao and not sure how to set up the lighting im going with cfl or mh light but herd the mh light in cabinets burn your plants
  16. I must say touche sir, Touche ultra stealthy brov. Really like it and will for sure keep that one in mind.

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