Stealth Dresser (first grow)

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    Seed: Bagseed
    Light : Four 23 Watt CFL bulbs
    Ventilation : 2 computer fans (one is 80mm the big one IDK)
    Size : 18 inches wide and 25 inches tall about 15 inches deep
    Soil : Miracle Grow Organic mixed with 25% perlite
    Weather : Still too hot =( got it down to 82 degrees but im gonna add another fan for intake and see if that helps and then go from there. Also humidity never gets above 35%

    Im still trying to get it tweaked right but im gettin there. Plants are 9 days from when they sprouted and 1 plant shriveled from the heat a few days ago but is looking a lot better now we'll see what happens! I also plan on LST training these.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated and i plan on ordering some seeds when i get my growbox right.
  2. Nice setup dude. I got bored today and took apart my old pc. Made an intake and exhaust, then wired a light and its done. Good luck with the grow.
  3. Lemme know if your gonna start a grow journal.
  4. i have pictures taken but have been to lazy for a journal ill let u kno if i get it posted sometime
  5. woooo new pics.

    Its day 13 since they sprouted, Its still too hot in my growbox so the plants dont look as healthy as they should I think. Do i keep 24/7 light now until flowering stage?

    Im going to transplant them today into bigger pots then Im going to install an intake computer fan probably from the floor of the growbox. that should help them out a bit i hope.


    and now for the sucky plant haha


    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I plan on LST training these btw
  6. help!

    ok so the plants are not lookin so good they are startin to get burnt really bad the temperature wont go lower than 85 degrees and I already have 4 fans

    not sure what else to do so for now so i shut off 2 lights

    puttin pics up tomo of the plant
  7. Try putting a bowl of ice or some ice packs in there.... the ice would raise the humidity too so you might have to keep an eye on that.
  8. all mate, dresser is lookin good, i am subscribed as I'm gonna be doin the same kinda thing!

    couple o questions for ya!

    are you using that space for vegin and flowering?
    do you think it was the cfl's that are causing the temps?

    also i THINK that once they have been transplanted to a larger pot, you should have your light schedule at 18/6 until flowering. stress the think part mate, jus goin by research!

    good luck.
  9. i wouldn't add another intake fan, just more exhaust fans get that hot air out of there. air will seep into the box if you keep a vacuum with the exhaust thus making an intake pretty much worthless. what's with the blankets and such on top of the powerstrip? seems like a fire waiting to happen
  10. ill try adding another exhaust i guess its the only thing i can do but the towel is there to prevent light from leaking because the top droor is still in use.

    If another exhaust doesnt work im thinking of ditching the whole thing and starting over with a new dresser thats bigger.
  11. oh and yes I am using the space for both Veg and Flowering

    and the cfls are definatly causing the heat. when i take out 2 bulbs the temp is fine

    and as far as switching to 18/6 I heard that it was bad to change the light cycle at this point?? not 100% sure on that tho unless someone can clear that up.

    Also i just got a 2 new seeds from a bag of supposedly "headies" and the other "KB" so I might fix the growbox and start from scratch with those
  12. hey nice dresser grow!

    i had a question because i have a dilema. how are you keeping light out from your pc fans?
    like does light shine in through your pc fans?

  13. ill get pics up soon but i have 2 louvers duct taped in there it doesnt work that good i shouldve done it different but im too stoned to care lol
  14. paint the outside of your cups... light is bad for the roots
  15. Faaaiiilllllll. lol jk, keep it up, you will figure it out. worst comes to worse start them indoors and move em outside.
  16. haha i kno right lol. its all good i just ordered some Lowryder AK47 seeds from attitude and im remodeling my grow box much better than before so look for pics end of this week!
  17. awesome idea
    what was it you did for the lights thru the fans?
    its definately a good idea tho!
    something anyone can try too
    so after germination, plant into cups and light 24 hours?
    when do i know if its time to change the light cycle?
    and also about dying fan leaves
    what do i do about them?
    thank you!
  18. haha dude i dont know if im doing anything right lol im just "wingin" it
  19. tru shoulda made a thread =\ but yah might as well have some q answered if anything

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