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    Okay everybody, so this is grow attempt number two. My first grow was a small speaker with diesel Ryder in it that only had about a 10g harvest. Now that I've done my first screw up run its time to take this to the next level.

    This is an introduction to my design and a couple of questions about my design.

    Standard 5 drawer dresser gutted. I nailed white particle board behind the drawer faces for reflectivity and to block light through the drawer cracks. I also made the back door out of white particle board with magnetic and Velcro closures for a tight fit. Lighting for veg will be 8 6500k 23w CFL's plugged into a power strip with built in timer. FFOF soil and FF trio nutes. First strain will be a freebie, Dinafem Original Amnesia. I could easily fit two plants but since this is the first cycle I'm taking it easy. It's a 90% sativa so lots of LST.


    Now here is where I run into problems. I had originally bought a 50 cfm bathroom fan for ventilation and had made this carbon filter for it.

    Unfortunately, 4 sones was just too loud for the bedroom and output was poor after attaching the filter. Bad news considering the bathroom fan was only $13 and perfect for my budget. Now I was hoping I could get some advice on ventilation from the vets here at GC. I'm looking for a ventilation system preferably under $70 that I can hopefully find on amazon. Also it needs to be very very quite and have enough static pressure to be able to push through my carbon filter. Silence is key.

    One last question, should I line the box with Mylar insulation?

    Thank in advance, ultrahigh.
  2. I had the same problem with my fans.

    I bought 2 6 inch fans from hydro shop. They are quite strong. But cause lots of noise. As in, you can hear the air being pushed out.

    Fans don't hum or anything. Just noticeable.
    $30 each n they plug straight into wall socket.

    But I wouldn't say 100% stealth
  3. Only had problem with noise. These fans are around 120cfm
  4. are you talking about the metal duct booster fans? I was thinking about ordering one off ebay.
  5. No, I was using just a regular bathroom ventilation fan. It was too loud, now I'm looking at either gentle typhoon Pc fans with the Bongsauce ventilation setup or just splurging and doing a td-100. Honestly 50 for pc fans vs 75 for the td-100 makes me just wanna go ahead and do the td-100

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