Stealth Diesel Ryder AutoFem Grow

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  1. Hi,
    trying to grow some diesel-ryder auto fems for the first time.
    Ndl- Cfl
    Has anyone some informations about the D-R.

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  2. Hi,
    the diesel ryders are doing well. Fast little things!! 12 days old.

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  3. :)The diesel ryders are now 16 days old and they start to smell realy strong.

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  4. looking nice... real nice. busted the cherry on your thread so your not talking to yourself. i'm going to be starting some auto's hopefully before feb. 1st. looking healthy, just keep up the good work. i was wondering what you are feeding them?
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  5. :wave:Thank you for writing Toki. I was kind of loney all by myself.!
    I have not feed them at all yet ,because the soil I am using
    has enought nutes for 3-weeks or so. Yesterday they all started
    flowering.!! Mind, they are only about 20 days after sprouting!!
    This means feeding them now with dutch hesi nutes.
    More pics to come.
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  7. lookin good keep giving them some good tlc. i can't believe no one else has anything to say. once i get my box up and running if i get results similar to yours i will be a happy camper. my beans should be here within the next week, russian rocket fuel, blue himalaya diesel, and some regular freebies, can't wait
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  9. looking very nice, healthy and bushy. did you lst or train them at all because they look very uniform as if you did. now the fun part, watching those bitches get fat. my beans came today so i need to put the finishing touches on my box and find endcaps for my diy carbon filter as none of the stores near me carry them. just think in a month or so they will be full of buds.
  10. Whew! I think there is a lot to be learned here. Your plants look really awesome Stachi. I'm looking forward to watching these ladies get fat. :D

    Can't wait for updates!
  11. Hey that looks beautiful! I have chosen Diesel Ryder for my first grow, and hopefully I can get them to look at nice and beautiful as yours!

    May I ask what soil you are using? I'm looking for over an oz. per plant, and I've seen it done before. What lighting are you using as well?
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    Thanks TheXMANTOKER and Easy Ace for visiting,
    I try to update when its getting to the bud point.
    Your questions Easy Ace.
    I live in a mountain range high up 6000 feet in southern Europe . In the wintertime
    I am growing inside since we also have snow. (check out my 2010 monster grow )
    Soil I am using I mix by myself, because I think what is good for outside is good for
    inside as well ( lots a Spanish goat shit!)[​IMG]
    Light in my winter set-up is a 250w HPS only.
    It works but our sun in the summer is much better.
  13. Hi ,buds are really come along!!

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  14. Very nice! :hello: Just saw this grow. Keep up the good work :smoke:

    What size light are you using?

    How big is your space?

    and one more lol,

    What size are your pots?

    Thank you and im subbed
  15. Hi man, since I don't know that inch or gallon business
    I explain this my way.
    1. 250 W HPS
    2. 50 X 60 cm X120m
    3. pots are 3,5 l may be 1.5ga?
    4. Buds are not so big right now (mind its half time grow only)[​IMG]

    If you cant convince them, confuse them (CHE)

  16. Okay cool man, I will be running an Auto-flower grow shortly, that's why I ask. Appreciate the info man
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  18. hey man beautiful little plants love the autos,cant wait to see the final yeald per plant.:wave:

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