stealth curing????

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  1. My friend has some freshly picked plants that he needed me to hold on to for a bit. I know that freshly picked stuff has to dry and cure, problem is my mom is the snooping type and I'm not sure if i could like lay it out or hang it up and the like without her either noticing the smell or just plain finding it... Are there any "stealth" curing techniques or do i just gotta try my best not to let this stuff get moldy?
  2. Yeah, you could try to make a drying box of some sorts. A cardboard box with shelves and air circulation could work. But you would have to fine some other solution for the smell, because it's probably going to smell.
  3. hmmmmm and what's in this for you? you are the one who would get caught if it is discovered, by your mom or worse LEO.

    weigh up the pro's and cons, if it was me I would want at least a third if it was for more than a couple of days.

    Masking smell is easy and inexpensive, onions are great for absorbing adours, but mom will just wonder why your or wherever is stinking of onions, but onions will work.
  4. The box idea someone already suggested is good. If you Google a little for small DIY carbon filter designs there's a few that can be made for seriously cheap. They're only small, using pet odour absorbers and PC fans, but I suspect it will be enough to dry a small amount.

    Something like THIS. But I must admit that I've seen better elsewhere, but can't seem to find it right now. The basic concept is to make a hollow core tube out of some kind of mesh. (hardware cloth) Wrap the filter material round it, block one end and draw air thru the other end with a little fan. Use two PC fans on top of each other if one isn't enough to pull the air thru. Don't rush the job too much tho, it has to be built correctly or else it will not work. Good luck.
  5. Drying MJ plants stink. It's a thick, heavy odor that can permeate walls and be noticed a hundred yards downwind. It takes a setup of closed ventilation and a carbon scrubber to truly remove the odor. Adding a different aroma will only make it more noticeable. And most importantly, you should not grow (or dry or cure) MJ in your parents' house without their knowledge and explicit consent. It sounds like your friend is asking too much of you in your situation.

  6. Man, toasty, this must be about the hundredth time I've heard you say this. It's the truth, though. It was only a few years ago I was living with my parents, but the longer I'm on my own the more I get this point of view.

    Anyways, it sounds to me like you won't be able to properly care for these buds in your current situation, so you should probably tell your buddy to take them back. If he can't take them back then I'll gladly take them off of your hands for free!:D

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