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  1. I have been doing lots of research here lately and am ready to take the plunge. Just need an area safe and well suited to use.

    I have been considering a discrete shed like set up, could prove problematic with regulating tempature though. But I got to thinking about how no one is ever in our attic...

    The way it is designed I could place the set up around the corner so even if someone did go up they would have to go looking in an area that is out of the way and not used at all.

    The only thing that is worrying me is smell. I would think that since it is in the attic the ventilation of the ridge vent would supply good air and co2 wouldnt be a worry. I only want to grow 2 plants tops at a time with a couple clones. Just going to rig up a CFL set up for lighting.

    Will smell be a factor if its in the attic? Like will it spread through the house? If so what would be a possible solution?

    Is this idea even possible or am I being too much of a dreamer?

    Thanks for any input
  2. It sounds like you're living in a house with parents or roomy's who are not very fond of the idea of growing marijuana. If that be the case, don't persue it. It will not end well.
  3. Thank you for your swift and helpful reply.... Not worried about either of those things, worried about my house smelling at all when guests are over who arent down with the please try again
  4. Yes, it's going to stink and possibly stink up your entire house depending on strain.

    You'll need to figure out odor management. I suggest carbon filters.

  5. Glad to see you missed the point of my post. You're growing in conditions which put you at risk of getting caught.

    If you can't manage odor control, you probably shouldn't be growing in the first place.

    I went to a nursery store in my city last night because they were having a great sale (omg, I bought some amazing plants but I'm getting off track) and when I stepped out of my car I could smell fresh marijuana. After I shopped with my girl for about an hour and a half the smell was still very noticeable when I returned to my Nissan SUV ('92 Pathfinder in excellent condition). I walked as close to the fence as I could and sure enough, the smell got stronger. Needless to say I called my local police and explained the situation. This is a true story and I swear it on my mothers life. To all of the haters reading this post who will say "you're a snitch", if you can't cover up smell, you deserve to get busted.

    Anyway, you shouldn't be growing marijuana if you are not smart enough to google search 'Marijuana odor control'

    But since I'm such a nice guy and I love you with all of my heart (okay, half) I'm going to give my helpful comments on your post despite your horrible attitude.

    1) As the most recent poster said carbon filter. I would buy a 4 or 6 inch inline duct fan and have it blowing through a carbon filter. The size of fan depends on how large of a space you are growing in. Hands down the best odor control method to my knowledge
    2) ONA. You can buy ONA gel, liquid and several other types
    3) Incense. Although many debate chemicals get released into the air and can make your crop have side affects, I still would say it is a viable method.
    4) I used this for my first grow. Fabric softeners. I stapled fabric softeners over my exhaust fans and the fans would blow amazingly fresh air into my room. Protip- make sure you change them about once a week (can get expensive if you buy the ultra soft type (which I buy if I do say so myself (Tide if you're wondering))).
    5) Fabreeze in a coffee can and attach a fan flowing out. There is a DIY tutorial around here somewhere I believe BalladBlack did it (don't quote me on this)
    6) Air fresheners like car fresheners, ya know?

    No problem, don't worry about giving me rep, I'm just bored at work. Any spelling errors I apologize for, I'm not spell checking and I'm running off 0 hours of sleep.
  6. yes i also recommend the corbon filter..but what i would also do is make a dresser grow box type thing, or any easy grow box. by doing this your carbon filter will be able to filter your spot more efficiently, plus it will be a less noticeable spot.. good luck on the grow:D
  7. An attic grow is notoriously difficult. I tried it and gave up. It will be as cold as outdoors in winter and hotter than outdoors in summer. Odor in the attic can seep through and permeate the whole house. If you want to grow in the attic you will need to build an enclosed space in there and treat it like any other indoor grow, with fan-driven ventilation and carbon filter. Most likely you will need to insulate the box and consider both a/c and heat for temp control. Becomes expensive and still can be difficult to manage.
  8. Anyone that grows illegally is at risk of getting caught, heck you could just have a nosey neighbor, any number of things could give you away even when you think all your logical bases are covered. Thank you Parralelism for the follow up, I seriously do appreciate it.

    Tempature regulation seems like the main concern, especially in the summer when the attic is sweltering. I figure now though harvest would be springtime so tempatures should be consistent.

    Probably will have to build a box of some sort. Run the exhaust out of the ridgevent. Should put it high enough and carry the smell to the woods and still use carbon filters of course.

    Everything I have read says the only real critical time smell wise is when flowering. Veg seems to be low enough odor.

    Thanks fellas for all the input

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