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Stealth closet smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xzon007, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Recently moved back home with my parents. I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck with smoking in a walk-in closet. Normally I just go in my closet, close the door, light the bowl (put my thumb over it when finished inhaling to keep excess smoke away), and blow into a dryer sheet tube. I don't pack a big bowl, and don't take big hits.

    So far I've been lucky and haven't raised any suspicion. Normally I'd blow the smoke out the window, however it's winter and we have weather guards on.

    Also, I can't go outside because my parents are up on and off all night, and it's too noisy to sneak out. I'd go in the bathroom (has a ventilation fan), but my sister uses the bathroom too so I'm thinking it wouldn't be a good idea.

    Yes, my closet smells like weed (I have some stinky dank in there), but my parents aren't in my room too much and at least when I'm not smoking, my room doesn't smell at all.

    Is this closet smoking a good idea? I know it's risky... but less risky then trying to sneak outside (small, noisy house). Or do you guys think I should use the bathroom instead?
  2. light some incense when your done in ur room

  3. good idea, however if my parents smell incense, they'll know something is up. Usually I just spray a good deal of Axe and air freshner.
  4. Well I have a 2 door sliding closet, and I used my own version of a sploof which is dryer sheets inside the corner of a towel thats been folded up perfectly, so no smoke leaves, and it smells amazing. But I'd stick with the closet, because I stone ALOT and when u smoke in the bathroom, u have to steam it out and keep the fans on like your taking a shower, So I really dont wanna bathe 3-4 times aday, but thats just my own method onto not getting caught.

    Very similar shoes when you think about it...

    BTW my mom instantly knows somethings up if my room smells like cologne or incense. Id avoid that at all costs.

  5. well if there asleep it shouldnt really be a problem, you really would be fine if you could just open the window
  6. rofl, thought i was the only one with the balloon idea hahaha

  7. really... sorry if i stole your thunder... but believe it or not ive actually never heard of it anywhere on here so ya i had no idea... but does it work???:smoke::smoke:
  8. Ive smoked in my closet a few times before and it was pretty cool because you can hotbox it, but the downside is that your clothes stink like weed the next day unless you spray them with cologne or something. Also their is no place to dispose of the cashed out weed, so any remaining ashes will stink up the closet also. But i guess if your parents hardly check your room/closet, and you have atleast a day to let it air out, than it sounds like a good idea to me.
  9. OZIUM. It KILLS odors, not covers them up for 15 minutes like axe does. Go to an auto parts store and look for it near the air fresheners. its in a tall, white, slender aerosol can. after you spray that, let it settle, THEN you can spray your axe to make it smell more like a closet, and not a lemon orchard.
  10. Ozium would be great, I'll look into that.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I've read guides like that, but because there's no vent/window that can be used, they don't help much, which is why I made a thread about this.
  11. oh, and invest in a fan too. if you have one, point it INTO the closet, just to get the air circulating. spray the ozium so it gets well encorporated into the room. a little works wonders.
  12. i'd say just sploof it into a towel.. then just use the OZIUM or febreez...
    seriously if i was you i wouldnt sweat it man... if youre smart about what you do you should be fine... fan maybe too

    theres really not more you can do in closet
  13. me too... well its just my mom but i cleaned out her garage "so that both cars could fit now" and set up a nice little tool desk / smoking corner. Its perfect, except the garage isnt insulated.


    A corner of the garage in front of my truck is plenty of room to sit and toke. Far end of the house too, next to kitchen for snacks.

    there right now:smoke:

  14. Okay, I know this might sound weird, but you should be doing incense like every day to condition your parents. See, what I did was always acted like I would after smoking, even if I didn't. If I was going to smoke while my dad was away and I needed to know when he would get back, I would call him and ask him. But, I also did that when I wasn't smoking so that he would think it was a "normal" thing. I can't think of any other conditioning I do right now, but I know I've conditioned my dad for more. Whenever I'm around him I act like a little out of it so that he thinks that its normal for me. It sounds pretty weird, but basically my happiness depends on it. For me, weed is the only anti-depressant that works and without it I'm screwed. So I have to be REALLY sneaky. So yeah, just a tip- condition.
  15. geta garbage bag.. spray cologne or any oil based freshner.. take ur hits and the excess blow into the garbage bag.. you should be fine
  16. or a light hand held vacum?
  17. I just spoof it in my room, maybe light a candle and/or turn on a fan. If they don't come in your room that much you should be fine.
  18. i don't see how you stink up the room using that method you said you did...i do it all the'll be fine as long as thy dont go in the closet
  19. you could use a trashbag instead of a balloon. it wont force all the smoke back out at you like a balloon will.

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