Stealth CFL grow -low budget part 2

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Drew alexander, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Ok just wanted to give an update on how my babies are doing. I replaced all my lights with the correct "daylight" 6500 k bulbs and they are loving it. Lower branches that were before withering away are showing new growth. I've stopped all nutrients as of now, but I've been using fox farms big grow. Probably wait another 2 weeks before I start again with nutes. Stopped watering daily. Plant seems to love it leaves aren't drooping and don't appear leathery. Installed a small fan in the back of the grow box to push around the air.

    Does anyone else have any more advice or suggestions? Probably 3-3 1/2 weeks in now.
    Also been doing a lot of lst research. How do I get these guys growing horizontal??? Also is cloning possible? and how so?

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  2. Can't help you with the cloning aspect since I've never done it but I have an answer to your second question.

    My plan for my grow is to wait until the plants have 6 nodes. I'm then going to top down to the third node and lightly LST the ladies, gradually increasing the bend degree each day. This method is supposed to be awesome at producing flat and bushy plants.
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  3. 6-8 nodes is what I was guessing as well. What do you use? Zip ties? Or I hear of lawn staples being used. I haven't topped before but I hear it does wonders for yield thank you for your help
  4. I use these suckers. Work pretty well and won't hurt the plant if it outgrows the tie. I've only ever used them with cloth pots and DWC buckets so I'm not quite sure how you'd pull it off using traditional pots..maybe use something somewhat heavy as an anchor point?

    You're definitely going to want to top or FIM if you're running a stealth grow. Else those plants will grow tall and your yield will suffer.
  5. where is everyone getting these cloth pots? lol and yea I want to start topping within 2 weeks of now as well as some lst they are in a very small 2' grow box in my closet right now. But it's just so scary cutting anything off of these guys!
  6. just o to amazon and look up smart pots
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  7. Thanks brotha!!!!!!
  8. Np just started using them myself, tryin 2 6 gallons and 2 5 gallons to see how they work out. I hear nothing but good things.

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