Stealth CFL Grow: How long should I veg for?

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  1. My 2 NL plants are around 4 weeks old from germinating, 1 is around 6 inches and the other is around 3".Although short they are quite wide with some very tight node growth. When should i think about switching to 12/12?
  2. whenever you want. depending on your space and light.
    the longer you veg the bigger your plant is going to be, so its really up to you.
    i veg for about a month, but again thats just me

    And remember when you put your plant into flowering its going to get two to three times the size
  3. Yeah alot have people have said it doubles in size , but then again Im watchin a DVD the now about growing weed and it says veg your plant to 2/3's of the size you want it to be at harvest :confused:
    Theres just so many different opinions in this hobby!
    Any more suggestions?
  4. my grow box is 2x2x3ft ;) my plants can have a maximum height of around 18"- 20"
  5. jack show us ur box i have the same meas.
  6. Ill upload pictures tomorrow around 5pm GMT folks
  7. 3 feet is pretty damn small .... but ill proceed

    With such height limitations, when you kick in flower, remember that your plants will grow anywhere from 2-3 times, though its not an exact science :smoke:

    4 weeks might be a little too soon, Id wait till my plants reached about 1 1/2 feet tall each... Are you LST'ing?

  8. in all my grows my plants get AT LEAST twice the size, but again i guess thats just me
  9. IMO with a grow area so small I think you should read up on 12/12 light from sprout. They will still veg but go into flowering as soon as they show sex.
  10. Also consider adding some blue spectrum light to the flowering box to keep plants squatty and encourage shorter internodal distances. Blue spectrum is the vegging light, like what comes from MHs and 6500K CFLs or T5s. One or a couple of those 6500K daylight CFLs in your flower box from the first day of flower should help encourage the plants to not stretch as much. The reason plants grow so tall in flower is the red spectrum of light used in HPS and soft white CFLs actually encourages the plant to stretch, and typically this is all people used in the past. People are catching on now using UVB reptile lights and mixing the spectrums in their flower boxes. I wouldn't recommend the UVB lights but a couple daylight CFLs should help considering the size of your grow box, and it's a super cheap solution too!
  11. What are UVB lights?
  12. Its really small and bushy and am finding it impossible to LST because the nodes are so tight:mad:
    Can I LST during flower?
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  14. First off, yes you can continue to LST during flowering, so that will help with your height constraints.

    Secondly, I had a similar situation with my current grow, so what I did was move the lights up (or lower plants if they are raised up). Or if you cant (looks like your light is as high as possible) get a slightly less powerful light. This will make the plant stretch for the light, giving more space per node, and easier to LST.

    Also, if you can find a wider pot, I would recommend it. More room for roots, more room for LST, but not any taller.

    Hope that helps,
  15. hey man those plants are looking just great. Correct me if im wrong but from the looks of it you got about a ft left to grow in that growbox of yours. Once you flip the lights to 12/12 your plants are going to more than double in size so with that said veg for as long as you want, as long as the growox can handle it. But the typical veg length is roughly 4-6 weeks

    Happy Growing
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    Until just a few days ago i had the pots sitting on a small table (6") I removed the the table to encourage stretching, Its not shown any signs of stretching yet , probably too soon ?
  17. That should definitly help. How powerful is the light your using?
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    Thanks man ;) Yeah its a little over a foot. I think I'll prob give them another 10 - 14 days , they have enough room to triple in size easily the now so I'll push it :)
  19. A single 250w CFL
    This is the kit I bought from eBay, Im using the blue spectrum for veg' and planning to use the red spectrum for flowering
  20. WOW... okay, your plant is not going to stretch at all with that no matter what you do. That is enough CFL wattage to grow atleast 2 or 3 plants.

    Good luck.

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