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  1. i've started working on this sterilite cabinet i plan on using to grow. what i've got so far is the bottom is a veg chamber, that space between the bottom and top chamber is where all the electrical will be housed, and the top will be the flower chamber. there are 4 lamp holders in the bottom chamber that i'll be using for cfl's for the veg. there will be a 150 watt or 250 watt hps bulb in an air cooled glass tube. the cabinet is about 6 ft. tall, there's about 36 inches for the flower chamber, and about 24 in. for the veg. i've been painting the inside flat white for reflective as well as light proof purposes, and the outside will be painted black for light proof purposes. there's also a place in the handle for a lock.

    i just wanted some feedback from some of you guys who've worked on projects like this before on what you think, any advice you have, so on so forth.
  2. that might work, but just realize that when you say you have 36" in height available to flower, you also have to take into account how much your lights and duct work will take up. then pot/planter size. not trying to bring you down, but just throwing out something to think about. when the plants flower, they get tall.

    got any pictures?
  3. if you have the room i would go with two cabinents, one flower, one veg, that way you have more room as fearthebug said. better to have more room than not enough. pics?
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    alright, here are the best pics i can offer. all i've got is my phone right now. the first pic is the cab bottom to top, it's hard to get a good shot of it from where it is. and the second is where all the eclectrical, wiring is(edit: the panel on the "left" in the second picture is the ceiling of veg/floor of electrical housing, and the panel on the "right" is the floor of flowering if that makes sense). i couldn't get a good shot of the lampholders attached for the veg.

    the flower chamber is closer to 40 or 41 inches total, after the lighting it'll probably be 34 to 36 in., and then after the pots i'll have around 2 ft. for plant size in the flower chamber. i'll play around with methods to keep the plants in the right height. i'll probably start with flowering clones as soon as they root to keep them short and play with lst after that to see what i can do.

    sound viable?

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  5. dont see any reason it wont work. You can make just about anything work with a lil creativity. I've been considering buying or rebuilding my grow box, after seeing so many new grow cabinets. good luck.
  6. sounds like it'll work. you'll probably want to flower at a height no greater than 9 or 10 inches. remember to leave enough room for adequate air flow.
  7. thanks for the feedback richirich and featherbug! i'll try and post my progress, depending on when i get my light. i'm thinking of going with a compact 150 hps because of the whole space issue. i'd rather go with a 250 but the space is going to be my biggest issue to work around. i'm not going to be able to go rhe cool tube i was hoping for, but shit happens.
  8. good to hear. remember to always measure twice before you put in an order for something that may not fit. good luck.
  9. i've done a lot of work on the cab. i'll put up some pics tomorrow. i weather stripped the shit out of it, fabricated a couple of doorstops for the light proofing, got most of the outside painted black, and put in the order for a light system and ducting. i have a shitload of pc fans in all different sizes to use. i have a question about ducting and ventilation but i'll hold off until i get my light and all that in.
  10. cant wait to see how things go. what kind of light did you get for the flower area?

  11. it's a 150 watt compact sun system hps from bghydro. ordered the glass lens to go along with it and 8 feet of ducting. after that it'll be a green light for some bubblicious...i'm trying to be patient.
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    alright, here are some updated pics. i still have to finish painting another layer of black on the outside, and i'll have to do some touch ups on the white on the inside. the pics show the doorstop i fabricated for lightproofing on the bottom(there's one on the top as well), the veg chamber lit up, and the latches i installed to keep it shut tight.

    i got my bubblicious seeds in from the doc. i was hoping to start germing this weekend, but weather may knock out the power so i'm holding off till it clears up. wouldn't want germed seeds with no light to keep 'em alive!

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  13. i'm going to be making a small carbon scrubber for my exhaust. i've heard before that fans are more efficient when they pull air instead of push it, so i was thinking of putting the scrubber in the flower chamber and having the ducts run from the scrubber to the exhaust fan attached to the back wall(did that make sense?), instead of having the fan pushing air through the scrubber outside of the cab.
  14. I've had good results so far with general plant a small fan blowing over some odour neutralising product, has worked for me so far. Mind you, im not flowering yet
  15. what size fan will you be using for your exhaust with the scrubber? You may have said it but im just hungover and may have missed it when i reread everything.

  16. i'm not sure the exact size...it's a pc fan about 4" inches. another same size for intake.

    also, i went and got some reflectix insulation to further lightproof the chambers so i don't have veg light seeping into the flower room. and my light is on its way and expected on thursday, but we had a bit of a storm here so i'm counting on delays. i'm starting to get excited, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel that is this project.
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    i've been out of touch for awhile due to power issues...but i'm almost done now. just need to make two carbon filters for my exhaust and get a small fan desktop fan for the flowering room(but my city seems to be sold out of fans at this time). so here are some pictures of the cab. the two ducts hanging down next to the light are my exhaust duct. the intake is closer to the bottom. the light is a sun system 4 150w hps. there are 4 14w cfl's for my veg room right now. its about 4000 lumens for veg, which is minimal but owell. all my wiring/electrical is held in the middle compartment connected to a surge protector and two timers.

    (i'm having trouble uploading the images, i'll get them up later.)

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  18. alright, i'm back for some advice. in the flower chamber(third pic from the left last post) it still gets in the 90's several inches below the light. the two ducts hanging down are my exhaust, fan on the bottom is intake. what would be a super efficient way to bring temps down more? i'd like to stick with the fans i have already, so i was thinking of getting a 6" desktop fan to stick in there and blow up towards the light. would circulating the air that pretty much sits still now do a whole lot of good? the air on the bottom, near the intake fan, and above the lamp stay cooler than the area right underneath it. that's why i think a fan would help. but it's a theory in my head, anybody know from experience?
  19. I bought that same cabinet!

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