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    Day 18 Since Sprout, Day 6 Flower. Plant 1 is absolutely steamrolling, plant 2 is slowly coming along. Its been a few days since the last update, and for that i apologize.. I watered with flowering nutes for the first time on the 27th. Watered again tonight With ph adjusted water.

    Purchased a 3rd computer fan and have installed it as a second exhaust. Installed my carbon filter to rid smells but its not quite stinky yet :D

    Now i dont want to get ahead of myself, but im quite sure my plant 1 is starting to sprout pistils... I will update you all if im right/wrong but hopefully we will soon know if my baby is a boy or a girl..

    Plant 1-


    Plant 2-

    Plant 1 and 2-

    Well thats all for the time being folks, stay tuned for updates.... And moreeeee :D

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    you didnt feed them full strength flowering nutes did you? Also, what was the ph of the water and your runoff?

    reason im asking is because i see a few yellowed tips. looks kinda like a Zinc def/lockout

    other than that, they look great man.
  3. looks good so far but try to keep your cfl's as close as possible like 2". That will help limit the stretch and increase light penetration. good luck. been following growing myself for quite sometime but i am also on my 1st grow. check out my journal as i will be keeping an eye on yours. Later

    Aerogardenguy's 1st Grow
    150watt Hps - 2 Cfl 150watt Soft - 2 Cfl 100watt Day - 24" Fluro Plant Light

  4. Looks good AeroGardenGuy ill check your thread soon, Yeh ive been meaning to move my CFLS, they were about 3 inches away last night...

    Bkush, haha no way man, i watered with just under half strength nutes, and im only watering with nutes every other water... I also checked my Soil Ph levels, Ph of 5.5 on plant 1, Ph of 6 on plant 2.. Need to raise them a little... I heard you can raise and lower with Vinegar and Bicarb soda... Anyone know?

    Peace hombres..
  5. Plant is 3 weeks old from sprout today, just watered with nutes.. Pictures coming soon..
  6. Milk - Looking good bro. You are right, if you can get your PH at the sweet 6.5, I think any yellowing/bad looking tips will clear up. I see you have nuted a few might want to hold off on nutes until you get your PH in check, as nutes tend to make PH fluctuate. What soil are you using? I have FFOF, and I transplanted around week 3 I believe. I didn't nute until another few weeks, as the added soil was keeping her green. I'm basically just cautioning you about overnuting, and watching PH levels as I want your first grow to be a success.

    I know you are working on it, but definately try and control those temps. Over 100 is pretty rough, BUT, these things are weeds and can pretty much grow through bad a cost of course.

    I use Ph up and PH down buffer solutions to adjust my water PH levels. I have no experience with vinnegar or bicarb as a buffer.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. WHen you move them closer make sure you have air moving through also. They can dry out the top leaves if not.
  8. Thanks for the post guys!

    IslandMon: Im using Yates: Seedling starter mix, nothing special - Yates Seed Raising Mix

    Ive been watering at just over 1/4 strength nutes, Yates sulphate of potash - Yates Sulphate Of Potash So yeh i need to get some blood and bone to cover the nitrogen and phosphorous... My Ph levels on plant one last time i checked was just over 6.... And plant 2 was around 6.5... Anyone ever used Lemon Juice as Ph Up? Might have to just buy some Ph adjusters..

    Temps are around 85-90F Lights on, around 70-80 Lights off... :D I love the slow process of leaving summer and going into autumn =]

    Closettoker: Yeh no probs bro, i moved them about 2 inches from the light, made sure it wasn't warm on the back of my hand, and i not only have the intake near the plants but i got an oscillating fan there too pushing around the air.

    Cheers for the posts, update tonight at 5pm ( around 7 hours )
  9. lemon juice works no problem.
  10. Update? Curious to see how it's doing. :]
  11. update comming soon, soz about long break. Lota shit been goin on.

    1 has just started flowerin got pistils on top.. Other is gettin mad bushier and taller.. should flower soon too hopefully...

    1 baby girl so far tho!!!

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