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    Hey Grasscity! Whats the happy hap? First time grower here... Welcome to my thread! :smoking:

    To successfully grow atleast 1 female Marijuana plant to maturity and harvest at least half an O to make my money back in one grow grow..

    I apologize for the quality of my pictures.. Im using a Lg Webslider to take the photos..


    Spent so far

    Cable Ties $5
    No Nails Gap Filler $4
    Pvc Parts for Exhaust $20
    4 x Light sockets $20
    2 x 25watt 2700k cfl, 2 x 25watt 6500k cfl $30
    4 x 20watt 2700k cfl $12
    Tray for lights $3
    Computer Fan $8
    Lock $8
    Black BBQ waterproof/lightproof cover $9
    Pots and jiffy Peat Pellets $15
    10cm Oscillating Fan $10
    Premium Potting mix 6 Litres - $6

    $150 so far..

    The front of my cab.. 30inch tall x 22inch wide x 14inch deep.. -

    2 x 25watt 2700k, 2 x 25watt 6500k, chain suspended -


    Im going to be Growing in 3 Litre pots, with limited height room i will have my plants in vegitation untill they grow 6 inches tall then its 12/12 time =]

    As its my first real grow im not going to bother making things more complicated with LST/SCROG instead im going to top the plant a couple of days before flowering..

    I have about 18 inches of grow room vertically and 24 inches wide so hopefully the topping will encourage shorter bushier growth in my plants..


    Well its Day 4 since sprout and the plants are looking healthy =]
    Ive just transplanted them into their 3 litre pots, im using Yates Seed Raising Mix as my soil and have mixed in some small stones to help airate the soil more.. Hopefully they shall support the plant through out its short life span... I do intend to purchase some nutes for flowering.. Probably in the form of Blood and Bone or something similar..

    Had a little scare as i was watering plant 2 after transplant... I poured in the water a little to carelessly and the plant became submerged in water then fell over and sunk... I carefully scooped up the plant and replanted after the water had gone... Needless to say i was more carefull when i watered the other plant...

    Plant 1-

    plant 2-

    The Cab-


    Well thats it for now folks, stay tuned for updates.. And morrreeeee. :D

  2. Lookin good, just make sure not to water them too much. Since their root systems are so small, you don't need much water starting out.

    GL dude.
  3. Yeah good point, I watered a fair bit today as i tranplanted and wanted the soil moist as i put the sprouts in.. But i wont be watering for a few days now..

    Few hours have gone past since the lights went on with the sprouts in thier new pots. They are looking healthy and arnt showing much sign of shock as of yet...

    Temps are steady around 89F with the lights on... A little warm but i know weed can thrive in temps up to 95 quite easily..
  4. Results:

    Day 6 since seeds sprouted soil, Still havnt had to water the plants, soil is almost dryed out though a little moist an inch deep...

    Plant 1 looks the healthiest of the two, Its steamrolling along getting bigger and bigger by the day, About 3 inches tall now =]

    Plant 2 is comming along nicely aswell, although still think its in a bit of shock from the overwatering/sinking a few days ago but its bouncing back quickly.. Bout 2.5 inches tall..

    Plant 1 -

    Plant 2 -

    Stay tuned for updates... And moreeeee :D
  5. Got Milk...Looking good man. Thanks for stopping by my grow. I just add to the same Thread when I have something going on.

    What strain are you growing or did I miss that? Looks like you are doing a find job and put lots of thought into it. Hope things work out and happy growing.

  6. Results:


    Day 8 since seeds sprouted.. Not much to report really. I watered them today, they look healthy and are getting bigger each day. Flowering in 6 days now =]

    I Finally made a carbon filter for my cab, i had one before but it held to much carbon for my small Pc fans to blow air through adequately enough to cool my cab.. Wont install it for a bit as my cables are currently sticking out of my vent... Have to drill a hole in the back for cables but before that i want to put up a bracket to hold the power board and tidy up the inside of the cab... So here it is..




    And here are my pride and joy.. My little girls..

    Plant 1:

    Plant 2:
  7. Thats awesome! I need to build something JUST like that to veg and LST my clones in, cause a computer case is really too small for anything more then small clones
  8. your grow is looking somewhat like mine. 4 cfl's, homemade reflector. your goals are also similar to mine.

    keep on keepin on and good luck ^_^

    *pulls up chair*
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    Day 11 since seeds sprouted... And i think im going to flower plants a few days earlier then planed.. Its really warming up around here, getting up past 100F during the day making lighting a heat issue.. So instead of day 14 im putting plants under 12/12 tonight at 8pm.. Have been meaning to purchase another Pc fan for exhaust, with the carbon filter attached = Lights on the temps reach around 105F But then again.. its 100F in my room... Ill test again at night when it cools down ;)

    I spent a few hours cleaning up my grow box... All exposed wires are now taped/sealed to the walls, looks a little odd the blue tape all over my walls but it does the job.. I finished light proofing the door on my cab and drilled the extra hole in the back wall for wires (were coming out of my exhaust temporarily) Secured the power board to bottom of exhaust pipe and basically made it nice and neat =] Here it is -


    Plants are looking healthy, although i know they aren't as comfortable as they should be, have had a few very hot days consecutively and the temps have been in the high 80's low 90's.. But with this new light schedule should be cooler as lights off between 8am and 8pm..

    Plant 1:


    Plant 2:


    Thanks for the kind words guys =] Your replies and comments are the only motivation i have to keep updating this thread, i love hearing from all of you so keep the posts coming.. Stay tuned for updates.. And morreeeee :D

  10. hope it works out with the micro plant.
  11. Results:


    Day 14 since seed, Day 2 flower. Plants are growing at an amazing rate, this phone does the plants absolutely no justice at all. Wow.

    I changed my globes over on day 1 flower, i have 2 x 25watt 2700k Cfls + 2 x 20watt 2700k Cfls and the plants are lapping up the new lighting spectrum.. I get payed tomorrow so hopefully ill buy another fan for exhaust and attach my new made carbon filter.

    Ive noticed however that both my plants seem to have some sort of deficiency as the tips of some of the leaves are brown and shriveled... Here are some shitty photos, any ideas anyone? I havnt added any extra nutes. I havnt been over watering. Decent airflow. Temps are a little warm around 85-90F.. Anyone?

    As im getting payed tomorrow im going to stop past my local hardware store and purchase some bloom nutes... Any aussies here got some examples?

    Plant 1:

    Plant 2:
  12. have you checked your pH lately?
  13. Havnt got a ph kit... I guess ill be buying one of them tomorrow to. I completely forgot about that. Urh... Ive been planning for months now.
  14. eek. that should have been one of the first things on the list.

    its cool thought, live and learn. but i have a feeling that the little problem area is a pH problem.

    keep in mind im in almost the same position as you. little to no grow exp so all i have to go off of is research.
  15. Yeh thats the first thing that came to mind when i saw them in this state today, and then an un bought Ph test kit was what i remembered lol..

    Ah well they will survive one day =]
  16. i think they'll pull through man, im rootin for em.
  17. would like to keep seeing updates. My plants are about 10 days after sprout, so I am not too far behind.
  18. good looking grow , how did they turn out? update us bro!!:smoking:
  19. I'm in and pulling for you. Good luck.
  20. Thanks guys XD, soz for no update its been a hectic few days with tafe enrollment and what not.

    Ill snap some pics when the lights come on in 8 hours, update tonight or tommorow morning =] Stay Tuned.

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